Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Leadership Election Vote for Harriet


JohnRS said...

We all know they are unprincipled scum - every day their actions just prove it a little more.

Alan Douglas said...

Now we know who wears the trousers in that household !

Alan Douglas

Salmondnet said...

Last night Harman claimed to be offended by a charge of hypocrisy from Gavin Esler on Newsnight and asked him to retract. A deafening silence from Esler. Score one for the BBC.

On the other hand, being married to Hattie, perhaps Dromey counts as an honorary woman.

John said...

Factually speaking, Mr Dromey is not the 'donor', it is union members' subs (which they *choose* to donate to the APF rather than the GPF, thereby electing to donate to Labour wholly transparently). Unions cannot give money which doesn't come from members' subs donated through the APF. So Mr Dromey isn't the donor - ordinary people are.

And by no means all new vacancies in Labour seats become AWS - it's an NEC decision from which Harriet abstained. Really, this post shows how degenerate the blogosphere is in regard to factual reporting - newspapers would be more careful of printing such patent rubbish.

Not a sheep said...

Salmondnet: I think the correct parlance is 'pussy'.

Unsworth said...

@ John

If you believe that Harman's 'abstention' means that she did not influence the NEC's decision in any way you are seriously unwell. Sometimes abstention means only that, but was she present? Have you watched her behaviour in the voting lobbies for example? She rarely gets her fingers dirty.

In any event, there are plenty of means at her disposal, plenty of people who owe her a few 'favours'. Influence is not always directly applied nor is its application immediately visible.

'Degenerate'? Yes indeed, that's a very apt description of NuLab.

John said...

She wasn't present. Whilst it's plausible Harman could influence the NEC decision, do you seriously believe Harman exerts influence over every single Labour activist in Erdington - the people who made the final decision? She certainly doesn't influence me, I don't like the woman. Stop pretending that democracy doesn't exist!

Is it not quite likely, given that Labour is the party of the unions, that some union representatives (not many!) should become MPs, on a balance of odds? And since Dromey has a very lengthy TU background, its not altogether surprising that one of them is him.