Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

"I would never engage in divisive or partisan politics."

Gordon Brown on GMTV this morning

Breath. Taken. Away.

Courtesy of Dave H in the comments of a previous thread.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, isn't the "Do Nothing party" partisan politics?
Isn't "It would have been much worse with the Tories in power" partisan politics?

Isn't "I saved the world" divisive politics?

I was going to write that he's economical with the truth, but, then I realised that he's absolutely no idea about economics........

Ah, well.

DespairingLiberal said...

From the BBC website today:

"Mr McBride also told BBC Radio 5 Live the allegations were untrue, saying: "The idea of Gordon instructing us to brief against Alistair Darling is totally wrong. The idea of me briefing against Alistair Darling is totally wrong."

He added: "The Sunday papers were ringing up and asking us if we were angry with the chancellor and the answer was no." "

Could it be that certain newspapers just made it up? Perish the thought!

Janner said...

I think the quote by Gus O'Donnell just revealed on the Daily Politics is rather more revealing

A PM that needs guidance on how to treat his staff

Who'd have thought it....

Richard Manns said...

Do you think he lies like this in the face of all evidence to sap our morale?

Although for comedy value, Bercow's “If the House does not quiet down I will have to ring a helpline myself” was a beauty...

OldSlaughter said...

Has your breath really been taken away?

Iain, were you really under the belief that this man has a level he will not stoop below? Did you for one moment think he was more than a venal liar?

If so I would love to know why. Smells like Brown stuff, looks like Brown stuff, acts like Brown stuff.

Shaun said...

Ah, the Bill Clinton defence:

Define 'divisive'.

Define 'partisan'.

Define 'engage'.

Jules Wright said...

The fact is this Iain: Gordon Brown is mad. As mad to a normal british citizen as Ahmad Ahmadinejad appears mad to a westerner. Mad people only appear sane within the immediate shade of their own perspective - and/or to those who actively share their dysfunction; to all others, they are stark staring bonkers.

My breath has never been taken away by anything Brown has said or done since coming to governmental prominence. He identified himself as a certifiable nutjob the moment he declared he had abolished boom and bust. Which is a little like claiming to abolish night following day. Or David Icke claiming that the world's political elite are, in fact, alien lizards. Only congenitally mad people claim such fantastical things.

The big trouble is: where are the tories? Cameron's policy-less brinkmanship will at best cost the party the majority we need and at worst, subject this poor benighted land to five more years with L Ron Hubbard at the helm.

There has never, in my adult lifetime, been a larger series of open goals, over a more extended period for an opposition to utterly crucify an incumbent government. Nearly all of them, I might add, missed.

For me, Cameron is not showing the ruthless and fearless streak successful leaders of all colours require. At the 'choke' pre-election moment, he appears cowed by Labour's ability to wield 'Tory Toff' and 'Tory Bastard' black propaganda, cowed by the institutional bias of the BBC and lastly, cowed by Mandelson.

It's not too late but Cam needs to find his principles and his balls - fast - if he's going to carry the floaters, the disenchanted and the wavering outskirts of the LibDems that he needs.


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