Friday, February 26, 2010

Jack Dromey's Big Night

Labour is holding its parliamentary selection tonight in Birmingham Erdington, following the decision of Sion Simon to stand down at the next election.

A nation holds its breath as it waits to see if Jack Dromey nee Harman is parachuted by his wife into the seat selected. Word on the street is that he's going to walk it. Because the Labour Party is a meritocracy, dontcha know. I am told he has been working the constituency full time ever since Sion Simon announced his departure. He must have a very understanding employer. :)

I will try to bring you the news in my show on LBC!

UPDATE 6.30pm: Sources tell me that Jack Dromey has won the selection. The Unite donations to Labour should now be safe then.


neiljward said...

Good luck Mr Harman im sure you will win based on merit rather than nepotism.

Sarcasm of course.

Unknown said...

The count is taking place at the UNISON offices in Brum.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

...and not a single woman on the shortlist (or apparently, any gay, ethnic minority or disabled).

How does his wife sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

By the way, what about that old twonk Dennis Skinner? He famously undertook, years ago, that he would retire as an MP at the age of 65, because that was the national retirement age.

He's now 78. Is he really proposing to do another 5 years, just so he can shout his boorish, childish 'jokes' that only he finds funny?

And, oh gods, while typing this I see that the dreaded Ian Palsy is proposing to stand again this time around. He's almost 84.

Vienna Woods said...

Iain, I'm probably misunderstanding your comment here, or is this a little bit tongue in cheek???

Are not Conservative Central Office also foisting candidates onto constituencies and doing a spot of the "Browns" (bullying)the locals!!

I also wouldn't want Dromey "parachuted" into my area either, but it seems to me they're all at it!

Lossie Beachcomber said...

The one good thing if he is foisted upon the constituency is that it gives the Tories an open goal for nepotism jibes the next PMQ's or at Business questions next Thursday when Harperson is at the dispatch box.

Unknown said...

@Archbishop Cramner

Well actually two ethnic minority and one gay candidate + Dromey.

So in terms of the representation of minorities a pretty good shortlist.

And the vote isn't over until its over (in a few minutes time).

Lets see, can we name a Tory shortlist that had such diversity?

Damon From Birmingham said...


I think you will find the selection list for the Conservatives in Bromsgrove had similar diversity.

Anonymous said...

A Cranmer


Unknown said...


Not really. Six candidates, one from an ethnic minority.

Diversity, yes some, as

Any local candidates?

Damon From Birmingham said...

Reliable sources in Birmingham say that Dromey's been confirmed.

Gerry57 said...

Congratulations Mr Dromey ! Now you are a public servant perhaps you can explain how, as Labour Party Treasurer, you never saw the £14m in loans for peerages.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Duncan,

Apologies if that is so.

But no women?

Given his wife's obsession, that is most strange.

Mitch said...

Will he leave the seat to their son/daughter when they ascend to the lords? after all they will be the best person for the job too.
A Future Fair For All (party members children).

Martin S said...

God. Hasn't Erdington suffered enough?

wv = rednerme. Really.

John said...

Oh come on Iain, it's a local Labour Party decision, I don't know how that can be considered 'parachuting' - it's not like the candidate was imposed on the constituency by the NEC. But let's not let the facts get in the way of the story, eh?

Unknown said...

Open goal someone mentioned...
I count 3 open goals
Being caught watching porn on tax payers/ wife's expenses.
Being labeled Mr Harperson.
Being a union stooge in a bought seat.
What a chance for a tory !!!!

Unknown said...

So sorry !
The first open goal, I mentioned, was, of course, someone else from the liebour party.
Does not change the sentiment though!

King Athelstan said...

U-Shite is not a trade union at all, just a means of funding Liebour by fleecing the people it "represents".

Genie said...

John Prescot tries to get his son into his old Hull constituency as MP. Michael Martin ditto. Tony Benn ditto, and so on.

Oh no, no old boy network or 'keeping it in the family' with Labour... those kind of things are shameful aren't they?

p.s. Most surprised to see the required Word Verification on this post is 'bumbed'!

Genie said...

['Being caught watching porn on tax payers/ wife's expenses.']

'Raw Meat3', and 'At your Service'.

That's not just porn, that's pretty hard core gay porno. Therein lies the story.