Sunday, February 14, 2010

Podcast: The Seven Days Show: Episode 12

The latest edition of the Seven Days Show is now online.

In this weeks show we discuss the situation in Westminster North; why the left have got it in for Lord Ashcroft; Christians in the Conservative Party; what sort of election campaign it is likely to be; and the Surrey East selection.

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Stepney said...

Chew on that:

Programme title:

Piers Morgan's Life Stories
Date and time of broadcast
(e.g. 01 January 2009 23:00):

14 Feb 2010 22:15
Channel / station:

ITV1 London

Political Imbalance

Tonights Piers Morgan interview with Gordon Brown contravenes just about every element of section 5 of the OFCOM broadcasting code but particularly 5.8, 5.9 and 5.10.

The interviewer is a friend of Gordon Brown, and the interview was planned as a pre-election political broadcast "I had asked him three or four times and he'd said no, but then they went away at Christmas and he and Sarah talked about it and about other things they might do in the run-up to the election, and after that he said yes." (Piers Morgan source Independent on Sunday 14-02-2010).

In my opinion the impartiality of the interview and the obvious and blatant political usage of the broadcast airwaves in this manner contravenes section 5. It does so with complete disregard for due impartiality or reason.

I urge OFCOM to investigate this with all due haste and I make this complaint in good faith as an independent, non-aligned viewer.

David Boothroyd said...

Re Joanne Cash's travails in Westminster North, the classic example of a candidate and agent totally failing to get on was Dennis Potter and his agent Ron Brewer when Potter fought East Hertfordshire for Labour in 1964. The resulting play 'Vote, vote, vote for Nigel Barton' saw Potter forced by the BBC to tone down his portrayal of Brewer as 'Jack Hay'. Potter was so disillusioned by party politics that he did not cast his own vote in the election.

Conand said...

Another great show from Jonathan & Iain.
Now what I'm really looking forward to is 'An Audience with Jenny Tonge' hosted by Iain Dale, am I going to have a long wait?