Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ten New Blogs: Part 59

James Elles MEP
Raymond Singleton-McGuire - Tory Lincolnshire county councillor
Everyone's Favourite Comrade
Stuart Bruce - Labour PR man
MTPT -Conservative blog
Jamie Livingstone - Scottish TV political journalist
Grumpy Optimist - Conservative blog
Stream of Consciousness
Byrne Tofferings
Senior Speaks

These blogs aren't necessarily newly created, but I haven't known about them before and they had not, until now, appeared in the TP Blog Directory.

Visit the Total Politics Blog Directory which contains more than 2,000 blogs. If you know of one which isn't there, please fill in the Submit a New Blog form on the left hand side of THIS page.


EFComrade said...

Thanks for the plug!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

As a son of Boston, Lincs, born and bred, I was excited and then disappointed, to find that this blogger,Raymond Singleton McGuire, does not only disallow comments, but does not have a point of contact on his blog.

What is he afraid of?

Andrew Richardson said...

Thanks from Grumpy Optimist.

Malcolm Clarke said...

I have given up hope of ever featuring in your daily dozen.

My blog has comments enabled, but to avoid spam I approve all comments. I do this regularly though.