Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can Social Media Make or Break a General Election Campaign?

If you would like to attend this event, click HERE to book your free ticket. Speakers include Tom Watson MP, Steve Webb MP and myself.


skynine said...


The tories have to get back to the simple message

Gordon Brown has wrecked Britain, why would anyone trust him to fix it?

Anonymous said...

Can social media make or break an election?


At least, not yet. The main users of social media are in the group that never votes - the under 25s.

Maybe when the voters are older, if social media are still about, then social media might have an effect, but not this time round.

tchee said...

According to several studies, the average age of social networking site-users is consistently >30.

A study reported just this week has average ages as follows:

- The average social network user is 37.
- LinkedIn, with its business focus, has a predictably high average user age; 44.
- The average Twitter user is 39.
- The average Facebook user is 38.
- The average MySpace user is 31.
- Bebo has by far the youngest users, with an average age of 28.

I would say that the flaw in the relationship between social media and politics is that for the most part, interactions are between people who are already engaged with the process.

I have seen several people make the final step of joining a party but it is one they were already supporting, I don't think any floating voters will be picked up and swayed by Twitter, Facebook or any other social media interaction.

The disproportionate impact of Twitter on the mainstream media, and consequent reporting of it in the traditional press, is the only way social media will influence the general election.

DespairingLiberal said...

It won't if the best you can come up with is half-baked morphs of Hitler's face onto Gordon Brown.

On a more grown-up note, you bloggers all seem to be missing the big story from the Rawnsley book - which is that Jack Straw spent most of 2008 plotting with Byers and Hoon to get rid of Brown! Now he poses as Brown's supporter through and through.

So as we go into a General Election, one of the most senior cabinet ministers spent much of his time in office desperate to replace his Leader.

dazmando said...

Iain are you and indeed Steve Webb still going, I cant see you on the list see the event

Iain Dale said...

No, I am not. They told me the event was 4-7pm initially and I accepted on that basis. Unfortunately I had another event at 7.30 so had to pull out. Paul Waugh has replaced me.

dazmando said...

Thanks Iain, The Evening Standard man will have to do I guess. There seems to be a growing discussion on this but I think top bloggers like yourself already know the impact you have and blogs in general. Still im going anyway