Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Question for Gerry Adams

Veteran Irish republican Delours Price, speaking in the Irish News, has alleged that during her time as an IRA volunteer Gerry Adams was her Commanding Officer.

Where is all the press coverage today? The silence is deafening!

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Salmondnet said...

Does anyone on the planet who has heard of Gerry Adams believe he was not an IRA commander?

Major and Blair did not care who they dealt with or what price they paid for peace. It's now a bit late for the rest of us to start worrying about it.

Simon Gardner said...

So why exactly is this surprising?

Along with all the good Catholic boy stuff.

Unknown said...

The skeletons are probably best left in the closet for the sake of the future of the people of Northern Ireland.

Jess The Dog said...

No point in asking the question. Everybody knows, and simply turns a blind eye. Adams would not have had so much power in Sinn Fein and the Republican movement without a PIRA command. It may be repugnant, but it's acceptable if the peace process endures and lives are not being lost.

Anonymous said...

Ulster is a happy, shiny place now full of milk, honey and dodgy money. It does not suit to ask such questions.

David Lindsay said...

It's not news.

Cynic said...

I hear that there is an interesting book due out soon that will link some senior SF people to some terribly bad things back in the 1970 and 80's.

That will be ignored too as will the cover up of alleged incest and rape by Gerry's brother and the alleged rapes of young women and children by senior members of the movement (male and female).

Some of the culprits were smuggled out of the country while victims were denied the right event to seek counselling.

One victim was told she had to physically confront her rapist so they could judge her body language and tell if she was telling the truth or he was (I am not making this up). She was ordered not to report the crime to police

Another who alleges repeated rapes while she was a child says she was advised 'best just to forget about it and get on with your life'.

All of this has been extensively covered in the Sunday Tribune in Ireland but barely a mention in the UK. Why?

Stepney said...

Gerry Adams was murdering and maiming bastard shock.

And in other news...sun to set again tomorrow after rising in the morning.

Houndtang said...

Eden Resigns.

Jimmy said...

Because everybody already knew this except, apparently, you.