Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cameron on Trust

I was hoping to go the spectacular Editorial Intelligence Names Not Numbers event at Port Meirion this weekend but instead will be trolling down to Brighton to the Conservative Spring Forum. The Names Not Numbers event has taken as its theme Trust, Privacy & Personalisation. I'm really sorry to miss it as Trust has been a big thing over the last few months, and as you may remember, I published Anthony Seldon's book on the subject.

David Cameron has recorded a video which will be shown in Port Meirion.


Unknown said...

Iain, can you spell Portmeirion correctly please? The overly 'Welsh and proud' side of me is having a fit of the vapours!


Enlightened Despot said...

Cameron should not overlook one inconvenient truth. A significant contributor to an erosion of trust in our institutions and processes is the way opposition politics is conducted. Its nature is overwhelmingly negative, focusing all defects in the system on the Ministers for electoral advantage and seeking to undermine confidence in decision-making processes because of their association with the party they seek to displace. The electorate views such ploys cynically and they do nothing to foster trust in our machinery of government.

I am not a supporter of any party, but my message to Cameron in particular is that while a genuine move to greater local decision-making will help, a ruthless drive to stamp out

- Naked politicking
- The Punch and Judy game-playing that he professes to avoid but seems all too keen to engage in
- And anything that gives the impression that his Ministers are spending their time trying to win elections or spin against opponents rather than doing their job as Ministers of the Crown

Would be a better way to regain trust. Unfortunately, there is something in most politicians' DNA that inhibits them from changing their corrosive behaviour.

Paul said...

Oh Dear. Port Me Iron?

Chucklenuts said...

Portmeirion, where The Prisoner was filmed?

Someone's 'avin a laugh.

The King of Wrong said...

Portmeirion? Watch out for a large white balloon!

Tapestry said...

OK. If people can set up their own schools and run them outside the state authority system, then why can't doctors set up their own hospitals outside the NHS?

The NHS are corporate terrorists, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people every year. They would send even more to an early death, if their extortionate dues were not paid.

Three times more people die of hospital acquired infections every year than in road accidents. But their salaries rise by the year.

They call themselves Health Trusts. They are not trusted, and rightly so - unless you personally fit inside the scope of a government target.

Then you start to exist. Otherwise it's 'run away and die will you. There's a good little chap.'

If doctors ran their own hospitals, you can bet that tens of thousands who needlessly die every year would live. That might create a little trust, you might say.

Jimmy said...

"Cameron on Trust"

Next week, Tiger Woods on chastity.

Gordon Brown said...

Where exactly is Port Meirion Iain? Is that a suburb of Tunbridge Wells?

Sir Clough Williams-Ellis would not be amused.....

John M Ward said...

"I am not at Names and Numbers, I am a free blogger!"

Twig said...

Why aren't the Tories all over the Tata/Corus scandal?

Urban Cowboy said...

@ Jimmy

You forgot to add Gordon Brown on Honesty and Respect.

Just thought I'd fix that for you.

Anonymous said...

corporate terrorists? killing hundreds of thousands of people every year?


Have you ever thought how many people die in Britain anyway each year (and we are just about world average) ?? its round about 500,000. And you say they are all killed by the NHS??

You are full of garbage Mr Tapestry - utter garbage.

Childprotector -- stop being so precious.

Anonymous said...

ho hum, as per a post I made earlier ....

"The head of the civil service has admitted discussing with Gordon Brown how he should treat his staff. "

Apparently you get more pout of staff by praising them rather than grasping them by their lapels, pulling them out of their seats, throwing the furniture around and uttering expletives at them. Indeed when Brown claimed the benefit of a moral compass, i did not think he meant it was useful to throw at the television.

But there you go -- game set and utter and complete match to Rawnsley.

Brown shown to be a proven liar?

Anonymous said...

What a load of naval gazing balderdash. I can't believe that the dodgy car salesman from Edinburgh's brief success still has all the big three messing around with this shite.

Police State? Bankrupt country? Unwinable wars? Screwed education system?


Let's talk about the meaning of 'trust'

Jesus H freaking Christ.

cassandra said...

How the political classes can utter the words trust with a straight face never ceases to amaze me.
A political class that lied about the EU referendum and then lied about lie, then tried to hide the lies.
A political class that has secretly exchanged our democratic system for a new anti democratic system where the political classes willingly gave up their power to create and enact policies in exchange for eternal figure head executive power.
The new anti democracy sees the professional politician playing a game of electoral musical chairs, never out of power whatever the voter says. Policy and direction is now decided by invisible unelected masters and the elected political classes simply carry out the issued directives, this is why the big three have no discernable policies now.
Real power is now handed over to people who cannot be removed by the democratic process, these new dictators now rule over vast areas that used to be subject to the will of elected politicians.

Trust is a simple word isnt it? That trust has been betrayed by a professional political class more interested in their careers than serving the electorate.
We have been secretly sold into servitude by those who chose eternal power over loyalty to their nation.
We enter an election that will change nothing/can change nothing, we are faced with simply choosing the shop window display while the real power and authority behind the shop window is unreachable and untouchable and unaccountable, the puppet masters are laughing, the political classes are laughing and only the newly disenfranchised voter is left out in the cold.
Welcome to the new world order that the liblabcon sellouts like to talk of so much!
Ever wonder why the big three are so determined to peddle the obvious global warming fraud? They have no choice in the matter anymore, they take their orders and then simply carry out those orders no matter how ridiculous and that is just the start.

MikeyP said...

Trust and Cast Iron Guarantee! Says it all, really!

Jimmy said...

You are number nought point six.