Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Peter Kilfoyle Leaves a Parting Present

So, my old mate Peter Kilfoyle has announced that he is the 143rd MP to make an exit from the House of Commons at the next election. He has been MP for Liverpool Walton since 1991 and is perhaps most famous as the scourge of Militant on Merseyside.

As luck would have it, I am publishing Peter Kilfoyle's new book in a couple of weeks. Timing, eh?

In the book he charts the rise and fall of New Labour. It's laced with juicy anecdote and analysis. And the last chapter. Well, suffice to say it is worth reading.

Preorder the book HERE.


Unknown said...

Preorder the book

Why exactly would I want to put my money into the hands of one of the Labour thugs who've raped and wrecked this country for the last 13 years?

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait for the beans to be spilled by Kilfoyle, IIRC he was a defence minister who walked because he was unhappy about government policy.

In terms of other long serving MPs Barry Sheerman seems to have given up recently. He has given up on issuing press releases and parts of his website outlining the fourth coming weeks activities seem to have been stuck iince a third of the way through January! At this stage you would expect a hive of activity from Sheerman for re-election.

Leads me to conclude that Sheerman, who after all does not think Brown is upto being PM maybe thinking twice about standing again in Huddersfield. It would not be a surprise as why would he want to be in a party where Brown is the leader for the foreseeable future even in defeat.......

Tapestry said...

You're learning from your Inside Out experience. People don't buy books when they already know what's in them!!!

Bird said...

Does he mention that his parliamentary expenses went to his daughter's PR firm.
Guido did a big number on it a while back.

Stephen Folan said...

Don't you think there's a bit of a herd of lumbering Labour crusties who are trying to cash in on their supine behaviour under Blair & Brown and explain why they didn't really go along with it.

Can't they just issue short apologies for their career and be done with it.

Unknown said...

"And the last chapter. Well, suffice to say it is worth reading"

So, are the earlier chapters not worth reading?