Friday, February 19, 2010

March Election Rumours: Part 94

I know I am arguing against myself here (see the Chiclot post earlier today), but I have just heard that all Labour Ministers have pulled out of attending this weekend's BAFTA ceremony.

The only logical reason for a mass withdrawal (not sure how many were going through - it could have been as few as two) would be that it is the day the Prime Minister will call a March election. We know already that he is making a speech tomorrow announcing the four themes of the election, together with Labour's election slogan.

I imagine it may be action stations at CCHQ this weekend.

UPDATE: Henry Macrory has just tweeted that it is Mandelson and Bradshaw who have pulled out.


Cogito Dexter said...

When does he go to see the Queen to ask for permission to call the election? Before or after he tells the world? If before, is anyone keeping an eye on Her Majesty's diary - or her driveway for that matter?

Bring it on, I say!

Anonymous said...

Might be why Purnell has suddenly announced he is not standing again in the election.

Interestingly a March election would avoid the Q1 economic figures being realesed before polling day. It has also got to be remembered that Brown is forced to go to the country either before the local elections or on May 6th 2010.

Brown cannot therefore go any higher in terms of how long he has been PM by length of term unless he wins an election or stays in office due to a hung parliament. Somebody on Wiki seems to have had a keen interest in filling in the number of days he has been PM!!! Regularly updating his details when he has moved up the pecking oder. The most amusing one was the day he equalled his present number 24 as that was put in on the day!!!

I think Gordon or one of his minions has sought to keep that wiki page updated!

miko said...

Whenever it happens,the outcome is simple;

Gordon Brown will be driven away from Downing St on the Friday and hopefully never seen in public ever again.

Harry Hayfield said...

Yet another reason for fixed term parliaments. That way we know when the election is going to be held and people like your good self don't see every single announcement of ministers pulling out of events or Prime Ministerial statements as election horns being sounded

Nich Starling said...

He would face the accusation that he is trying to avoid appearing before the Iraq inquiry. This would cause him a lot of political difficulties in the campaign.

The Purpleline said...

Henry Macrory has just tweeted that it is Mandelson and Bradshaw who have pulled out.

That spunds very much like a sexual preference Iain.

Cogito Dexter
>When does he go to see the Queen to ask for permission to call the election?< He sees Mandelbum of foy most weekends.

I annot wait to get rid of this SCottish Gay cabal who have lorded it over us and destroyed my country. As a promise if Labour get in I will go to prison for his murder, and I mean that. Mi6 I have my British Passport direct from the Israeli Embassey so undercover operation ready.

Unknown said...

Harry- Where is the fun in that?

Stepney said...

Wee Dougie tweets that

"It's a big day for labour 2moro"

Typical incoherence from McGnome, the wee man to whom the English language still remains a complete mystery, but could we see a dissolution next week?

Squeeze in an election whilst polling is rising, pray for a hung parliament, get it in before a budget, before any more nightmare economic data is released, a short, sharp campaign for a party with eight shillings and thruppence in the coffers?

You heard it here first.

Anonymous said...

Manky & Bradawl pull out of the Baftas - they got the wrong tickets, they should be at the Daftas.

Magical_Mist said...

For gods sake lets get it over with. All this mystery is so utterly boring

Brian said...

"it is Mandelson and Bradshaw who have pulled out."

DespairingLiberal said...

The tension!

Will this be your Blog's first General Election Iain?

Is your organ planning a blow-by-blow election night and will we please please please have moderation off that night!?

What is the latest betting amongst you Tories? My bet is on:

Conservatives 316
Labour 248
LibDem 62
Nationalists 14
Other 10

Closest final forecaster gets a special badge?

Norton Folgate said...

Mandy and Bradshaw

Who pulled out of who?

VW: shexpat yes really

Jimmy said...

All this tealeaf leading may be a little excessive. Mind you I do remember working out Major's dissolution plans when David Mellor announced on his football phone in that he wouldn't be back next week. He needn't have bothered as it turned out of course.

Anonymous said...

Brown would be a fool to hang on and wait for 1Q figures. Retail figures for January were terrible.

But an election now is in effect an admission of economic defeat - his original plan was to go to the polls on the back of rising growth.

His planning has yet again been proved wrong. On top of which, rumours say Darling has said no to a propaganda budget so there seems no point in Brown waiting for it.

Cynic said...

I see that Wee Dougie has announced that Labour plan a dirty smear campaign to damage 'brand Cameron' -

and there I thought they were serious politicians fighting on the issues

But if Wee Dougie wants smears would he care to remind votes why his sister was booted out as Leader of the Party in Scotland. Wasn't it a small mistake over a large number of illegal donations and failing to declare donations as required by law?

New Labour - the party yoiu can trust!! Yeah