Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Sunday

1. Geraldine Dreadful MP writes to me about the controversial Brown picture.
2. Capitalists@Work thinks it's time for a second look and a fifth listen.
3. Winkled Weasel on IDS and the soul of the English.
4. Tom Harris has a flashback to 1983.
5. Paul Flynn is less than gruntled with the Mail on Sunday.
6. Tom Watson regrets James Purnell's departure.


Newmania said...

Ahem could I meet Ms. Dreadful ,I feel we have much common ground we could explore on our journey together.

Reads Poetry enjoys art , GSOH likes long walks and makes the Marquis De Sade look like an amateur in the sack

Anonymous said...

Are Browns bullying tantrums just him compensating for not going to Eton?

The point about whether brown could live with Brown the bully ot not has moved on.
The Guardian running this ...

"The claim of routine bullying was today backed up a senior former adviser to Brown in No 10, who told the Guardian:
"His intense bouts of anger are unremarkable to anyone who has worked closely with him. You just have to put up with this stuff. It is part of the daily experience, almost part of the furniture. He would behave in that way constantly. He suffers from a massive paranoia and an inability to accept blame, yet he runs a blame culture that allows him to blame others.
"He does not seek to win an argument, he just seeks to bully. If you have not worked closely with him before, it is truly shocking" "

... moves the story onto Brown, Mandelson and others telling barefaced lies in an attempt to cover it up.

Bill Quango MP said...

Thank for the link Mr Dale.
The video shows how quickly Brown's relaunches fail. Even we didn't predict that this latest one would collapse after just 16 hours.