Thursday, June 22, 2006

Maguire Fingered!

Spotted: The Mirror's Kevin Maguire emerging from The Treasury this lunchtime. Expect a glowing piece on Gordon Brown in his paper tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is your headline suggesting something improper has happened between Maguire and Brown?

Anonymous said...

What is it about Mirror editors?
You'll recall the entry in Piers Morgan's diaries when he's summoned to No 11 just before the last General Election and Gordon Brown hands him a tape cassette.
"It's Liam Fox," he says to Morgan. "He's at a Tory meeting and he's slagging off the NHS. Hope you can use it."
Yuk. We know poiticians can be sleazy, but you imagine journalists have dreams.

Manchester University Labour Club said...

Surely you are not suggesting that the mirror is a labour supporting paper?!

Anonymous said...

I want Spitting Images to come back.
Why is Brown flying the British flag on his house? Does he know there isn't a British football team?