Thursday, June 22, 2006

Who are the Bashful Three?

The Evening Standard reports tonight that a Labour donor has spent fifty grand on legal advice before being interviewed by Inspector Knacker about cash for peerages. But more interestingly they say three more key witnedded have refused to co-operate with the police inquiry. Who are they? What have they hide? This all suggests great dangers ahead for the Dear Leader. Which is why I still believe he may be gone by the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

I also believe they'll be gone before the end of the year, Iain. I think by mid-autumn.

I am so looking forward to it,I can't wait! The champagne's already in the fridge.

Anonymous said...

If you search for 'peerages' on the Evening Standard website, the second result is:

"2. Looking for Peerage?

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Sabretache said...

And, as pointed out over at 'Blairwatch' His Toniness' assertion that he backs the police 101% (over the Forest Gate fiasco) rings somewhat hollow when it comes to cooperating with Inspector Yates over the 'Cash-for-peerages' investigation. He originally agreed to police requests to hold off on select committee questioning of potential witnesses until police inquiries were complete. - But who was giving evidence to a closed session of the Constitutional Affairs Select Committee today? why none other than suspect in chief the noble Lord Levy.

Anonymous said...

Even if The Bloody Liar is gone by the end of the year, will his replacement really be any better?