Friday, June 30, 2006

Troubled Times Ahead for Shaun Woodward?

Kerron Cross has an interesting post today saying that there might be troubled time ahead for Shaun Woodward. Now Kerron works in Parlament for a Labour MP and is a former candidate, so he has good contacts.

"I'm not one for media gossip and personal speculation, but can I ask: Has anyone seen Shaun Woodward? My understanding is that Shaun has cancelled a series of important meetings next week in his role as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State in the Department of Culture Media & Sport. In fact, my source says that Shaun has been told to "lie low" by the Whips for a few days pending possible media revelations. Only time will tell if that's true. Since looking into this matter I have heard rumours about what the media stories may say, but I am not about to reiterate any unsubstantiated comments here. I simply want to know if you have seen him recently and whether anyone is still planning to meet with him over the next week or so.There are many reasons to take a dislike to the MP for St Helens South - being a politically defecting turncoat, having a butler, knowing nothing about the local rugby team and moving constituencies allowing Dave Cameron to take the vacant Whitney constituency - being just 4 to mention. But I hope that people will be able to give him some space - if indeed it proves that he needs it. None of us like media intrusion."

A few mixed messages, there Kerron methinks. I am probably in a minority of one in the Conservative Party but I have always liked Shaun Woodward. He and I have had some robust exchanges following his defection and I genuinely don't wish him ill. But he was a fool to defect and totally led up the garden path by Blair. If he had stayed in the Tory Party he would have no doubt been in the Shadow Cabinet by now, although I somewhat doubt he would have emulated his successor as MP for Witney and become leader. It's fascinating to speculate how Tory history would have been different had David Cameron not had the chance to be MP for Witney. It's also rather futile!


Anonymous said...

He'd be in the shadow cabinet by now


He's a minister you div.

Edward said...

Fairly excitable chap - though I've locked swords with him once or twice as well, I have to say.

Kerron said...

Obviously he has absolutely nothing to worry about then. Glad he's OK - I was becoming worried. :-)

The Daily Pundit said...

I just hope he isn't involved in the Vera Duckworth video scandal that is gripping the Labour Party in St. Helens at the moment.

And if he's implicated in the Fred Elliot giant sausage making contest, it will end his career.

Anonymous said...

I think he made an enormous mistake - his one real disagreement with the Conservatives was over Clause 28, so he should have followed the example of John Bercow and stayed to fight his corner. Given how sharply (and superciliously) partisan he'd been as Shadow London Minister, I was absolutely amazed when he joined us.

One member of the PLP I know was less than impressed by Woodward blowing cigar smoke over her food in the Members' Canteen.

Yes, he's a minister, but junior minister is about as far as he was likely to get alleged scandal or no alleged scandal.

Anonymous said...

I think that it just goes to show how the Blarite media spin machine utilised by Blair in his earlier years has backfired and ended in tears for labour.

If woodward his butler and the country house had not defected to labour the tories would not have had cameron in parliament in 2001. No cameron and the cubard would still be bare for the tories but there is hope now cameron leads.

HaHaHa Woodward - dispised on his new side as much as on the old. Sorry to hear that he might have trouble in store but if it is alledged that he has made the trouble himself he has only his self to blame. Iron rule of politics - you need friends as much as enemies - If you have only ememies then you might face extinsion-politically.

Must go on woodwards site to see if he is still happy in labour as that comment has been on their for months.