Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The 100 People Who are Putting Britain Back Together Again

My old friend Tim Montgomerie has slightly pre-empted me in THIS post! A few hours ago I asked you for your nominations for the 100 PEOPLE WHO HAVE SCREWED UP BRITAIN. They're flowing in thick and fast, so thanks very much! However, what I want to do is write a book which is both negative AND positive. So on the front of the book you'd have the 'Screw Up' cover but flip it over and turn it upside down and you'd have the 'Put Back Together' cover. There was a similar book a few years ago on the Euro called Both Sides of the Coin.

Anyway, I'm now going to ask you for your nominations for your 100 PEOPLE WHO ARE PUTTING BRITAIN BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

All the kings horses
All the kings men

Ross said...

Chris Woodhead
Ray Mallon

Anonymous said...

Will there be a special section in the middle for people who make both lists!?

Anonymous said...

This is pure fantasism. Britain cannot be recovered until those who make the laws and the rules and regulations have been shot with a silver bullet and a stake driven through their hearts.

Yes, there are some brave and thoughtful voices speaking up, some of them loudly, but they have no power.

JohnJo said...

The silence, it hurts. This is a tough one. Who was that chick that sailed her boat all over the place? Fine woman.....well, I'm struggling to think of anyone.

Croydonian said...

The Chief Rabbi
Lord MacLaurin
Sir Clive Woodward
Sir Trevor Brooking
Sir Chris Gent (I'll forgive him his europhile tendencies just this once)
Camila Batmanghelidjh

Anonymous said...

Wee Jimmy Krankie.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

I think we're all dead.

It is, however, possible for people's legacies to restore order...

Anonymous said...

David Cameron - for beginning to give people a credible alternative to this government, work in progress.

Anonymous said...

James Dyson - innovative engagement with globalisation; great design here, manufacturing efficiency overseas if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think by including this section, you will weaken the appeal of the book. People buying the book will want to wallow in a vicious read and get the bile flowing.

They won't want icing on it at the end.

By melding these two ideas, you will diminish the appeal of both, in my very humble opinion.

Gregor said...

David Beckham (I'm serious)

Anonymous said...

JK Rowling for popularising reading for children again.

dizzy said...

Without a doubt Iain Dale

Dr.Doom said...

Presume they mean Blair and Party.
Must remove.
Must denounce and collaborate against.
Reccomend lies and deceit.
Reccomend Cameron and Osborne.


Anonymous said...

It occurs to me, Verity, that one might publish the same book twice, but with the covers reversed. The Grauniad set would have YAB and Co as saviours, the Torygraph set would have the same crew as villains, and Mrs. Dale's lad might retire to the Seychelles with the more-than-ample proceeds. (And pots of bile for everyone, hurrah!)

Croydonian said...

I think Verity is on to something. Any good people we nominate will either be comparative unknowns or will already have achieved recognition.

Plus they might not be entirely happy with being associated with all things blue.

Paul Burgin said...

Gordon Brown would be among the top of my list

Anonymous said...

Tom Stoppard
Stephen Fry
Ruth Lea
Roger Scruton
Anthony Daniels
Charles Moore
Kate Hoey
Madsen Pirie
Peter Oborne
Prince William
Prince Charles
Colonel Tim Collins
Christopher Booker
Neil Herron - a Metric Martyr
Dr Richard North - anti-EU researcher
Ian Hislop - even-handed, anti-bullshit, good on heritage
Tim Berners-Lee
iPod designer bloke

I'll keep thinking...

(James Dyson should not be included - his vacuums consistently come last in customer satis surveys, and he supports the euro.)

Anonymous said...

Stephen Fry? Stephen FRY for someone who's making Britain better? Pulleeze!

Although this isn't my project, I am opposed to combining these two books because the people on the positive side, not having any power to wreak change, will look weak and powerless in comparison with the hard left listed in the negative side.

Anonymous said...

Frank Field
Kate Hoey
Theodore Dalrymple
David Davis
Mervyn King
Matthew Parris
Niall Fergusson
Mr Yacoub
Chris Woodhead
Ruth Lea
Ray Lewis
Shaun Bailey
Harriet Sargeant
HM Queen Elizabeth 11

Croydonian said...

Barbara - I cheated. I googled 'kids company'.....

Davide Simonetti said...

Helena Kennedy QC for starting the debate about the electoral reform we so desperately need.

Shami Chakrabati for her tireless efforts to defend human rights.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown for ending the dreadful Tory boom and bust. If he manages to pull off another eight years of steadily growing economy, I think he'll be up there with Keynes and will deserve to have his pic on the back of the £10 note.

Hercules said...

The Cheeky girls

(For making the Lib dim candidate in Bromley look even more like a hopeless clown than he already is)

Anonymous said...

I nominate John Brignell, the guy who runs www.numberwatch.co.uk.

Check his books out, they should be required reading for anyone who is making decisions that are based on statistics.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ!

Sorry about that. It was just my reaction to Gregor's nomination of David Beckham.

Helen said...

Good grief! Who are all these people being nominated?

Anonymous said...

Pte Johnson Beharry VC and the poor bloody infantry

Last summer's (this winter's?) England cricket XI

Powters, makers of the Newmarket Sausage

Anonymous said...

Yes! I second Pte Johnson Beharry VC and Col Tim Collins. Two of our finest.

Cllr Andy Jennings said...

After my post on the other thread, Sian Williams for her ability to hold politicians to account.

And Declan Curry, also of BBC Breakfast, for making business news watchable.

Fidothedog said...

1/ Blair
2/ Gordon Brown
3/ John Prescott
4/ Anyone who is dumb enough to vote Zanu New Labour.