Thursday, June 29, 2006

Who is Mary Dejevsky?

Looks like I'd better go out and buy The Indy today... More later, I suspect!


Serf said...

Iain Dale is a Conservative pro-Cameron MP

How wrong can you get? I love it.

On top of the MP thing, she calls DD leadership election chief of staff Pro Cameron.

Don't these people have editors?

Anonymous said...

Oh bless.

Still, nice to have been sent to Parliament without having the bother of being elected ;)

Anonymous said...

She's not a pompous arse is she? How do people like that get on in life? I bet she got into journalism through nepotism: it certainly wasn't because of her great writing skills. Reason 3465 not to be buy the Indy. Mind you, with its falling readreship figures MAzza Dejevsky will soon be flogging the Bif Issue.

PS. I'm a woman blogger, and I'm a hot bitch too.

Kevin Davis said...

God the Indy is an appalling paper! I thought the Sunday telegraph had gone downhill but it has quite a way to go to catch up the Indy. What is the point of it - except for supporting the pointless Lib Dems.

Bishop Hill said...

"How wrong can you get? I love it. "

Hey, one out of three ain't bad for the Indy!

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about the Indy is that hardly anyone reads it.Ciculation is down to less than 250,000.
Is the rest of the article any better?I can't be bothered to subscribe.

Anonymous said...

They give around 50 copies of the Indy free in my Cambridge gym every morning.

I wonder how the "circulation" compares with the "copies bought"

Croydonian said...

Apparently she is the Indy's chief editorial writer too.

Anonymous said...

Dunno, Mary didn't say all too much that was actually interesting -- other than of course, publish your blog addy.


She does sound like someone unfun you don't really want to know tho, kinda snooty and clueless.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the commenters here haven't exactly surpassed Ms Dejevsky in their accuracy.

"Falling readership figures"? "Circulation is down"? Er, first of all learn the difference between readership and circulation, then look at the figures for the past couple of years. The Independent is way up on two years ago - still low, but generally rising, though it's now plateaued.

Jim Jam - well, if you actually looked at the ABC figures (which separate 'bulks'), you'd be able to find out. Or read Media Guardian, which quotes bulk-free figures. But I guess that would dent your innuendo.


Anonymous said...

Mary Dejevsky may not know a great deal about Iain, his politics or his blog but she did not get on in life through nepotism. Unlike most comment writers and various editorial writers she has been a journalist all her life, doing a hefty stint in the Soviet Union, among other places. No point in imitating her ignorance.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they charge £1 to read that tripe!