Saturday, June 24, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Clarke to Return to WATO in Six Weeks

I can exclusively reveal that Nick Clarke will return to the presenter's chair in the World at One studio on August 14th, only eight months since he had a leg amputated. I'm sure that all those who heard his audio diary on Friday on Radio 4 will be very happy to hear this news. He's also chairing Any Questions for the next three weeks. Nick is one of the few broadcasters who has no enemies and I'm delighted for him and his family that his recovery has proceeded so well.


Matt Dean said...

A true talent and he lives in the same street as David Cameron to boot!

Paul Burgin said...

You mean Chipping Norton!
A fine part of the world. I used to live about five miles away, in Enstone, many years ago.
As for Nick Clarke, it is good to have him back. His measured, but authoratitive tones are so familiar that one just couldn't consider The World at One without them

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Nick for a very long time -and on TV before then even! and I'm absolutely delighted to hear his wonderful voice again on Radio 4 - I've really missed him. I listened to his audio diary - on a very busy Friday morning and I was absolutely ROOTED to the spot in my kitchen - it was the most moving piece of radio I have ever heard - such a brave thing to do. I would like to thank Nick very much indeed for letting us share his experience with us - a powerful message to everyone. Nick's lovely wife and children were so obviously a huge support to him during his illness - and I loved the part in the piece where Nick was reading the boys a story - fancy Nick Clarke reading to you - his voice is sublime!!! Very warm wishes to Nick for a happier healthier future. WELCOME BACK NICK WE'VE MISSED YOU! Very best wishes Jenny