Sunday, June 25, 2006

Folkestone & Hythe to Pick 'A' Lister

Folkestone & Hythe Conservatives have whittled down their shortlist of 17 to the final 6, who are all apparently 'A' Listers. The Executive meets on Friday to reduce the 6 to 3, with the final scheduled for 13 July. I do not know who the final six are, but I am sure Conservative Home will englighten us shortly!


Chris Palmer said...

Typical. Many A-listers who are supposed to be the best of the best only applied for the easy/safe seats. Zac Goldsmith didn't apply for any. Why is he on the list. I know the party wants his money, but why is he on the list?

Get rid of the A-List, get rid of Zac Goldsmith, and get rid of this Blair-ish rubbish.

Anonymous said...

chris palmer - Peter Hitchens had an excoriating piece on Princess Tony and Princess Tory today. They are one and the same, in my opinion, although Princess Tory isn't as snake-in-the-grass vicious as Princess Tony. But you are right, this whole foolish caravan of 'A' listers is a Blairish construct.

Nell said...

A good friend of mine is an 'A'lister, but he is only intersted in seats where he is credible... as teacher from the North, about as 'diverse' as we are likely to get.