Sunday, June 25, 2006

Folkestone & Hythe to Pick 'A' Lister

Folkestone & Hythe Conservatives have whittled down their shortlist of 17 to the final 6, who are all apparently 'A' Listers. The Executive meets on Friday to reduce the 6 to 3, with the final scheduled for 13 July. I do not know who the final six are, but I am sure Conservative Home will englighten us shortly!


Chris Palmer said...

Typical. Many A-listers who are supposed to be the best of the best only applied for the easy/safe seats. Zac Goldsmith didn't apply for any. Why is he on the list. I know the party wants his money, but why is he on the list?

Get rid of the A-List, get rid of Zac Goldsmith, and get rid of this Blair-ish rubbish.

Anonymous said...

chris palmer - Peter Hitchens had an excoriating piece on Princess Tony and Princess Tory today. They are one and the same, in my opinion, although Princess Tory isn't as snake-in-the-grass vicious as Princess Tony. But you are right, this whole foolish caravan of 'A' listers is a Blairish construct.