Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Freedom of Information Blog From the BBC

An old friend of mine Martin Rosenbaum has started a blog. Martin wrote a very good book on political campaigning a few years ago called From Soapbox to Soundbite, which is now sadly out of print. He's a BBC radio journalist and has become a bit of a specialist in Freedom of Information matters. And now he's the latest BBC journalist to start a blog. It's called Open Secrets and you can find it HERE. He could start by doing an FOI at the BBC and telling us how much of our licence fee is going to the likes of Jonathan Ross!


Anonymous said...

I hate people like you that criticise the BBC. Yes it has it's faults but it's the only world class public service we have left.

If the NHS was as good as the BBC website no-one would complain. If the Home Office was as good as Radio 4 no-one would complain. The BBC truly leads the world, all for a tenner a month. I think that's pretty amazing and something we should be proud of.

I accept there are criticisms over some of it's commercial activities but it's quality makes it hard to argue these points. I'll put it another way, would you rather watch the World Cup final on the BBC or ITV?

The BBC. You'll miss it when the Tories privatise it.

Anonymous said...

Iain - Many thanks for that idea, but I'm afraid I'm going to leave the questions about Jonathan Ross to someone else.