Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blunkett, Pots and Kettles

David Blunkett writes what is laughably called a column in the super soaraway Sun each week and trousers two grand a time from his friend Rebekah. Today he uses it to attack Charles Clarke. The Sun headlines the page one news story SHUT UP BIG EARS, ORDERS BLUNKETT. Blunkett tells Clarke:"A period of silence on your part would be welcome." How he keeps a straight face when writing such hypocrytical rubbish is anyone's guess. Blunkett has lost no opportunity to have a go at his Home Office successor and stir the pot. Go on Charles, hit back - you know you want to! Of courseall this infighting is a carbon copy of the internecine warfare that bedevilled John Major in his last months in office. There is only one way to stop it and we all know what that. is.


Anonymous said...

Taking of kettle-pot-black the Sun has called German tabloid Bild "vile rag" today for printing a pic of Beckham throwing up with the caption "David Brechan" (Brechan is German for being sick)

Hypocrisy - we love it.

Anonymous said...

Of topic I know, but I love Rickett's comment in the banner. How do you get a view of a pulse? Do we have a quote from one of the silly A-listers every day, it was bad enough with Louise whatherface.

Anonymous said...

"SHUT UP BIG EARS" - it could only be The Sun (or, of course, a rather peeved Noddy).

Is it just me, or is the Sun/NoW deliberatly trying to appear stupid (much like Mr Blunkett, coincidently)?

Theo Spark said...

Bonkers and Big Ears, schoolyard squabbles are so tawdry! Give them each a handbag! It will be interesting to see who is pulling their strings!

Peter from Putney said...

"David Blunkett writes what is laughably called a column in the super soaraway Sun each week and trousers two grand a time from his friend Rebekah"

Sounds like a snip to me - Piers Morgan, as then editor of the NOTW in his TV interview with Vinnie Jones this week admitted to paying the former Wimbledon player £3K a week for his column and that must be over 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

that's incitement!

Anonymous said...

not a trace of irony in Blunkett's column. shameless.

phone cam foolery said...

Fuck the lack of discretion!
How dare that cheeky jug eared bearded incompetent, bitchy twat slag off the size of anybody else's ears.
I am of course assuming he has given Charles Clarkes ears a good feeling to see how big they are.
Iain ,with all this Widde activity you are in danger of turning into the new Hinge and Brackett

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I wouldn't roll over and die.
I've always regarded Charles Clarke to be an honest Man and a competent one.

Perhaps it was just too much to ask for a man of his quality to go quietly, considering that he went with no scandal apportioned to him personally.

The press say otherwise but it is becoming increasingly clearer, that this is not the case.

Have fun you hapless Tories but I shall look beyond the headlines.