Saturday, June 24, 2006

David Cameron Proves a Match for Jonathan Ross

So how many of you saw Dave on Jonathan Ross last night? In my view it was a spotless performance. Anyone who's a regular viewer of the show will have had a slight feeling of trepidation at him appearing on it, but he didn't put a foot wrong. He was witty, charming, intelligent and entertaining - and even managed to make a few political points without appearing to. If you didn't see it, put yourself in his place and imagine what your response would be to the question: so did you have a w**k over Margaret Thatcher? Somehow he managed to brush it aside without appearing to squirm unduly. It's the first time Jonathan Ross has had a politician on, and you can bet that Blair and Brown will now be clamouring to appear. The one politician I'd love to see on Jonathan Ross is Ming Campbell. A competition for you now, to predict what questions Jonathan would ask him.

PS please don't bother to leave comments which a) accuse me of arse-licking or b) sneer at DC for appearing on the programme. You're just jealous!


Anonymous said...

Ross raised the issue of drugs policy:
Ross: "Well it's not working, quite simply, is it?"
Cameron: "So let's try something different - education and treatment is a, is a ..."
Ross: "That's fine, let's legalise it."
Ross is a Patron of Transform, a charity campaigning for the legalisation of all illegal drugs.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dave came over very well.
Very professional, very calm and collected.

He got out of the Thatcher adulation w*** question by saying he wasn't interested in politics at that age. I was laughing at the build up to it and wondered how he was going to answer. I'm putting the answer in my note book for answers of last resort for the future.
Wondered where the drugs question was going as it could have been awkward.
Nearly got him on high five, which was good fun.
The Tory party scored there, just as Tony scored on Parky.


Anonymous said...

ok, forget Cameron, how was Martina Navratilova on the show?

Iain Dale said...

She was brilliant. Unlike Bruce Willis.

Anonymous said...

Over in the parallel universe of Recess Monkey, your man received a "very rough ride from Jonathan Ross of all people, almost dissected Paxman-style to the amusement of the audience"

Paxman-style. Hmmm.

This must explain the twenty billion quid a fortnight contract for Master Woss.

What next, DC on Strictly Dance Fever (Ming's favorite prog)?

skipper said...

I thought, and agree, Dave did very well; I thought Ross was appalling, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I cought part of it - I'm not a huge fan of JR and only tend to watch when he has the new Doctor Who or someone else I'm interested in on the show.

I thought DC managed not to fall into that awfully put on 'man of the people' routine which Blair slips into at the drop of a flat cap.

Obviously I was most interested - and impressed - with his plans for the London Mayoral selection process.

It's a clever move which allows the party to start campaigning long before the starting gun is fired.

Martin Curtis said...

I'm not a big fan of politicians doing this sort of thing - but we are where we are.

I thought DC did well, even though Wossy was quite pushy on a few issues.
I thought he finished off the drugs argument quite well, by making the point about how difficult the anti-drugs education message would be if drugs were legalised.

Anonymous said...

Iain, thanks. She's usually quite impressive (and for her age on tennis courts too)

Anonymous said...

The fact that you realise that you would be accused of arse-licking surely says a lot. Another desperate attempt to look "cool" by Dave will have most of the membership wondering what kind of idiot they have elected as leader.

Anonymous said...

JR is awful, always. DC survived well. Clearly not comfortable but who would be? I was not impressed by JR talk of MT however, poor MT deserves better. Bad press and a few wrong quotes carefully twisted in the Mirror today. Brave of DC to go on JR. BBC and JR should be more neutral, JR shouldn't condone legalising drugs in public, sends 'its ok' message. Ming could be asked about Megan Lloyd George in same way as DC was with MT. Or maybe the Pankhursts and Suffragets.

wonkotsane said...

Jonathan Ross was very funny as usual and gave DC a pretty hard time. DC did well all things considered.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see it.
Hate Ross (a talentless twat, IMO), and I'm not putting precious arteries at risk by watching a politician seeking plaudits when he hasn't actually done anything worthwhile - yet. If he ever does.

And there's the rub.
It's nothing more than minor point-scoring in a political-inanities beauty contest.
These days the name of the game seems to be become popular in the hope (or expectation) that votes will follow. "I'm nice! I'm cuddly! Vote for me!"
Is the electorate really that dim?

Policies are counter-productive; anything other than vague aspirations might frighten the horses, may actually cause a voter neurone or two to fire up with concomitant engagement of the critical faculties. A clear statement of principles is even worse - somebody might disagree. Can't have that.

To those who say that it'll all be OK, that Dear Dave's a Conservative, that a new age of political enlightenment approaches, I respond by recalling that at one time I had the invidious choice of voting for either Wilson or Heath - and Grocer Heath called himself a Conservative too. Didn't stop him supporting the status quo on Nationalised Industries, the TUC, pay policies, sky-high taxation and all the rest of the soft left agenda. Plus he lied in his teeth about Europe. A party label means very little without some sort of track record to give it credibility.
And Dave doesn't have one.

So once burned, twice shy.
Cameron wants power - to do what, exactly?
Until that's made clear all this rejoicing over a newly-risen boy-wonder looks more than a little premature.

Paul Walter said...

"imagine what your response would be to the question: so did you have a w**k over Margaret Thatcher? "


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed BT's well-written post and agree with all of it.

SPL said...

"JR shouldn't condone legalising drugs in public"

Why not? I thought the drugs issue was the only really interesting aspect about this interview - the rest being taccy Ross.

Anonymous said...

Must admit thought this was going to be cringe worthy, rather impressed by DC. Not sure if he'll gain anything by appearing on Jonathon Ross though. An appearance on the Friday Night Project next...

Anonymous said...

DC's chasing votes will soon become counterproductive. He is in danger of becoming Con Party version of Chat Show Charlie. The correct and proper response to Ross's outrageous 'w---' question was to walk out. It would have got more 'votes' if that is what Cameron is after and it would have sent out a message to those who coarsen our behaviour. DC had a message for a Rapper a couple of weeks ago. Why does he collude with Ross.

Anonymous said...

"The correct and proper response to Ross's outrageous 'w---' question was to walk out. It would have got more 'votes' if that is what Cameron is after and it would have sent out a message to those who coarsen our behaviour."

Rubbish. That would have come across terribly. People know what they are getting when they tune into Wossy's show and there is a certain amount of coarseness. If you are going to go on that sort of show (and I question the wisdom of it) you just smile faintly and don't rise to it (so to speak), which in fairness is what Cameron did.

Anonymous said...

.....and then you go and have to ruin it.

So who's the dork that was offended by it all and splashed it all over the papers how upset you all are?

Is it the world of colonel hardthroat or is it the Dave to the death society?

lighten up. Dave came over OK. Rejoice in your leader that can carry the joke and have a laugh.

Serious stuff is always there remember.


Paul Walter said...

It's a pity that Dick and Dom in the Bungalow has ended. I am sure DC would have greatly enjoyed playing celebrity "Bogies".

Anonymous said...

Posters should ask non politicos they know (age 18 - 30) what they thought of Cameron. I did this yesterday at a Charity BBQ and all thought Cameron "got it right".
What's more surely the most significant thing is Ross saying "I haven't had politicians on before - but you are interesting" - Anyone think Brown would be getting this - The Cameron Steam roller rolls on.

Anonymous said...

I watch Jonathan Ross fairly regularly, and to be honest, I find it an utterly variable programme.

Sometimes it's really good (tho I suppose it depends upon whether you like JR at all) - one of the best ones I recall was the interview with Robert Downey Jr. ISTR that Kevin Spacey was pretty good as well.

however, other times it pretty much falls flat - JR can be unbelievably shallow and, quite frankly, inappropriately crude sometimes (in the right company I have a very risque sense of humour, so I don't think it's prudishness on my behalf).

DC probably did as well as could be expected faced with a lot of the questioning. how JR was performing on Friday could be best gauged by the questions to Bruce Willis & Martina Navratilova. Faced with a tennis legend and a hollywood giant, his obsessions were with rather purile sexual innuendo (actually, not so much of the innuendo in it!) - we find out nothing interesting about the guests.

So, normally a JR fan. But in this instance not impressed with the programme at all.

Now, if DC ends up on Parkinson, that will be an interview to watch.

Anonymous said...

I think what may be happening here is that the old guard are playing the Johnathon Ross card and perhaps Dave will come riding to his rescue and show how cool he is.

Perhaps I'm being a bit cynical.


Anonymous said...

My question does Mr Ross have a problem with wanking - he is always on about it. Some might say he has the potential for being a chronic masturbater.

By the way i had a schuffle over Mrs T once - good though it was i would not admit to it other than anonymously!!!!!!!!