Friday, June 30, 2006

Bromley: Francis Maude Wants Your Comments

ConservativeHome has an article from Francis Maude with his take on Bromley HERE. He's asking for your views. I'll be posting something a bit later on some interesting statistics from recent by-elections, which contain and unfortunate lessons. Check back later.

Also, I'll be on More4 News tonight at 8pm pontificating should you not want to watch Italy v Ukraine!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Neil was on Vanessa Feltzs radio show this morning on BBC Radio London and did very badly. He got involved in a slanging match and she pillaried him as did almsot all the callers for the remainder of her programme, it was pretty bad PR not just for Mr Neil but for the image of the party.Almost three hours of negative comments, ouch!

Anonymous said... the Monkey right?

Iain Dale said...

JM, as you might imagine, it's complete and utter rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Just wondered

Kerron said...

Nevermind what my bot wants!