Monday, June 26, 2006

David Davis Scents Dr Reid's Blood...

There's nothing quite like seeing David Davis in action as he scents blood. He'll be interviewed on Newsnight tonight following Charles Clarke's barnstorming interview in which he sticks the odd knife or two into Dr Reid's back. Having already secured the scalps of one Immigration Minister and Two Home Secretaries, you wouldn't bet against him hgetting a third, would you? Other members of the Shadow Cabinet may care to watch how it's done.


The Daily Pundit said...

He's one of the very few doing the job the way it should be done. We've seen more opposition from Richard Bacon than most of the Shadow Cabinet put together.

The NHS is falling to pieces but Andrew Lansley is almost non-existent. It's becoming clear we have a bunch of wimps representing us.

Anonymous said...

What? You mean we won't get to see Reid as Foreign Secretary (the job he wants after the Home Office)? I was looking forward to seeing Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs snarling at another foreign minister 'Do I look like the f***ing Wizard of Oz?'

Of course, another candidate for Foreign Secretary (but for his own failures at the Home Office) was Charles Clarke, the man who allegedly referred to two female journalists as 'those two c**ts'.

Would either of these foul-mouthed and abrasive characters be 'fit for purpose' as Foreign Secretary?

As a Labour Party activist, it strikes me that Davis is one of only two Tories to have mastered opposition, the other being (for all his Spockish mien) John Redwood.

I agree, Lansley is useless. He's one of these backroom people (like Miliband and Kelly) unsuited to prime time.

Anonymous said...

I may have missed something but DD was not very impressive. He repeated the mantra about an uncoded attack etc, but he seemed half-hearted.