Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stirring Up Apathy in Bromley

I spent a few hours today delivering leaflets to the voters of Bromley. The one thing that struck me is that you'd never know there was a by-election happening if you weren't allied to one of the parties. In the time I was there I spotted two LibDem posters, one Tory and one Labour. I had expected them to be all over the place. I suspect the turnout will be very low, which may well favour Bob Neill. I certainly don't detect any LibDem surge but with the yellow peril you never know. Our campaign is taking it all very seriously and I was pleased to see two of our MPs out on the stump.


dizzy said...

Only leafleting? we went crazy and agreed to do canvasing, I took the board though! :)

On the doorstep it was apparent there was a by-election on. The number of people that said things like "why won't you all just leave us alone" was scary.

Anonymous said...

As a voter in the by-election I'm swamped with election leaflets (despite the 3 Bob Neill boards along the garden fence).

Nice chat with 4 UKIP canvassers from Cornwall yesterday aftenoon. They seemed a bit disconcerted about a Nigel Farage expose in the News of the World a few months ago. Apparaently a Latvian girl he picked up in a pub (so no anti-European feeling there) reported that after an exhaustive night of pleasure he wanted a spanking. It looks like he get one on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dizzy;people in Bromley are suffering from receiving too much literature and say so on the doorstep.Many women in the 35-50 group say they are going to vote UKIP-----perhaps they fancy UKIP's heterosexual swordsman who wears a tie.Simon Heffer will show his disdain for Blue Labour when he speaks for Farage on Monday .I doubt this will stop wee 3 jobs Bob cruising to victory.

Anonymous said...

Only two MPs?

Lazy b'stards.

Anonymous said...

With Bob cocking up his nomination paper, there will be another by-election if Bob wins.

Still lots of interesting alternaitves with, UKIP & English Democrats standing, especially as David Donald Cameron has confirmed he has 'Scottish Blood' in him !

Kevin Davis said...

I spoent some time canvassing and another period delivering. People are fed up with the quantity of literature, but then they would say that.

I agree the lack of posters is very peculiar, as is the fact no one appeared to be on the streets (voters not politicians).

The other peculiar issue is the new Lib Dem poster. Completely rubbish! The lib Dem diamond was one of their most potent weapons and they seem to have dumped it!