Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Geoff Hoon's Busy Afternoon

Fun and games at Foreign Office Questions yesterday when Geoff Hoon seemed determined to act as if he were Foreign Secretary rather than Ma Beckett. Regular Parliament watchers will know that if several questions are asked on the same subject they are normally grouped together, but not yesterday. Margaret Beckett answered a question on the European Constitution and then Hoon answered an almost identical one. Indeed, so busy was Mr Hoon that he lost his place in his briefing notes at one stage. "I'll get there in the end," he blustered. "What, back in the Cabinet?" shouted Tory Foreign Affairs Spokesman Keith Simpson. Cue collapse of House. Interestingly, despite not being in the Cabinet Geoff Hoon does actually attend every single Cabinet Meeting. At the time of his humiliating demotion Donwing Street said he "would attend when necessary". It seems he's become like the unwanted releative that turns up at every family occasion whether invited or not. Poor man.


Anonymous said...

Since when could you view a pulse?

Martin Curtis said...

Poor man? At the time when the MoD most deserved and needed a Minister with backbone (to stand up and say that our troops should not go to War based on a lie and that they had no right to all but directly name David Kelly) he rolled over and let his tummy be tickled by Campbell and Blair.

It is difficult for me to have any sympathy for him. IMHO he stays on the edges of the cabinet because Geoff Hoon knows.

Simon Harley said...

Reminds me of the late, missed Robin Cook in the last episodes of "Spitting Image".
"Is there anything I can do, Tony?" ask Robin. "Yes, Robin, you can get the hell out of my cabinet room!" replies Blair.