Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cherie Joins Prezza in Toronto: Is There Something We Should Know?

Continuing his climate change junket in Toronto, John Prescott attended the summit dinner last night, where he was introduced as Britain's "Vice Prime Minister". I always thought the Canadians were people of great insight.

And according to Richard Littlejohn, Cherie Blair is off on her mortgage repayment tours again, following Prescott to Toronto. If I were her I'd wear a trousder suit, just in case. She will be speaking at a conference alongside a topless model and a mad woman in a viking helmet who tells jokes about knickers. Rumours that she and Cherie are one and the same person have been hotly denied. Her fee will be paid by a man called Salim Khoja, who was jailed for fraud a few years ago and ordered to pay his victims £100,000 in compensation. And Cherie's reward for this half an hour of humiliation? £30,000. One month's mortgage repayment.


Anonymous said...

Dont forget, Cherie will probably also mistake the Canadians for Americans, just like she mistook us New Zealanders for Australians!!

Martyn said...

Whatever next Prezza and Cherie, taking themselves into the arctic circle on an elaborate PR stunt so they can cry crocodile tears over the melting ice-caps for the TV cameras.. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you've already beat them to that one.
People in glass houses, should'nt throw stones dear boy. Do keep up.

The Daily Pundit said...

If the wife of a Conservative PM was behaving like this, we'd have had a two hour Panorama Special by now. Several in fact.

Anonymous said...

Which one of them's getting danger money?

- Anonymousette

Anonymous said...

I do hope one or both of them will have seriously considered contraception. Otherwise the prospect is too awful to contemplate