Friday, November 19, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Friday

1. Peter Oborne believes Margaret Thatcher knew the Euro would devastate Europe.
2. Alastair Campbell on the rebirth of political memoirs.
3. James Forsyth analyses the new peerages.
4. Political Scrapbook reports that Eric Pickles slammed a Tory Councillor.
5. Richard Stay reckons we haven't seen the last of Union militancy.
6. Jon Stone asks whether politicians should wear bow ties?


Douglas Adams said...

awesome blog

javelin said...

FYI - I think the Italian banks look the next weakest point in Europe. They make up to 40% of reference entities for credit default swaps for banks. That compares with 20% for Swiss banks, 15% for Kahazac, 10% for German Russian, and French and only 1% for Irish banks. The Spanish don't even register on the list. Even if you offset the banking sectors by GDP for example, an awful lot of traders,and insurers are worried about the stablity of Italian banks.