Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Liberal Conspiracy Goes Homophobic' Says Lefty Blog

What a truly disgusting site Liberal Conspiracy can be. It comes to something when it falls to another left wing site - in this case Harry's Place - to have to point out that LC seems to condemn homophia against liberals but when it's against a Tory it's OK.

Check out THIS blogpost on Harry's Place to see the truly vile nature of what Liberal Conspiracy did yesterday.

But it gets worse. The blogpost originally said that a Tory councillor accessed a site called Fit Kids. He didn't. It was a site called Fit Lads. Rather a difference. Unity has been found out and should issue an apology. More from Harry's Place HERE. is a sort of Facebook/Gaydar style networking site. It most emphatically does not feature "kids". As Harry's Place says...

Why did ‘Unity’, the author of the article on the Liberal Conspiracy blog change
the name of the website? The alteration of the name of the website implied that
Renwick had been accessing child pornography: a very serious allegation to make
indeed. We should be prepared to give ‘Unity’ at Liberal Conspiracy the benefit
of the doubt, I suppose. Perhaps it was a transcription error.

What upsets me is this. Many people who harbour nasty homophobic attitudes
subconsciously conflate ‘gay’ with ‘interested in kids’. Perhaps that’s what was
going through Unity’s mind when the slip up was made.

Nevertheless, gay men face violence and hatred, because of careless and deliberate conflation of homosexuality with paedophilia. The “gaykids” slur may not have been deliberate, but that was its effect.

For that, Liberal Conspiracy should apologise.

And then go to Dizzy to see what Sunny Hundal thought of yesterday's student violence. Apparently it was all a bit of harmless fun and the police were 'wusses'.


Alan said...

I am not surprised.

I have not experienced a single jot of homophobia living in true-blue Tory country, and yet I am always shocked by the snide comments and puerile jokes I get whenever I travel to Labour heartlands.

I have come to the conclusion that the Left are very tolerant, but only of people who agree with them. The right, however, are very tolerant of people who just get on with their lives.

Matt said...

Harry's Place - Leftist?

Pull the other one.

Anonymous said...

A Tory sympathiser trying to mak a political point about another blogs homophobia.....this from the party of Section 28 and Chris Grayling.

The hypocricy has just smashed through my laptop.

Jimmy said...

Good heavens, Unity's turning into Guido.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

There seems to be a lot of confusion about viewing pornography at work. A quick look at recent cases shows a range of reprisals, from instant dismissal to sacking and subsequent massive compensation for wrongful dismissal, to a "quiet word".

All organisations must make it clear what is and what is not acceptable as regards computer use, for you cannot retrofit abitrary rules and regs.

Does Biteback et al have a policy on this?

Moriarty said...


Yes I can see that. It seems to have damaged your spell checker in the process.

Terry White said...

'I have come to the conclusion that the Left are very tolerant, but only of people who agree with them'
This is precisely the problem with the left and the Labour party. At heart they only play at democracy because they have to. Given the opportunity they would act dictatorially like demogogues the world over through time. Not to be trusted!

JuliaM said...

The post by Unity is utterly out of character. The comment by Sunny, of course, is not.

Michael Heaver said...

Pretty disgraceful stuff.

golden_balls said...

Yes by changing from Fit Lads to Fit Kids it does seem to have some sinister motive behind it.

In truth within the gay community fit lads attracts more younger members. So while its correct that no children (under 18) are displayed. It would be fair to suggest that its members are more youthful than most other similar sites.

golden_balls said...

@ Alan

Section 28 is indeed something the True blue Tory country can be proud of. It was a Labour Government that abolished this and was voted against by the then Tory leader Hague oh the irony.

Homophobes are in every party but please don't say your party is whiter than white.sts

Span Ows said...

redrag talking about hipocrisy! ha! There is nothing hypocritaical in what Iain has sadi or written perhaps you'd like to elaborate or explain your stupidity.

P.S. Sunny's post on the riots was risible except he was serious: reads like satire.

Anonymous said...

talking of unintentional offence...are you supporting your friend Yasmin in her efforts to ruin a man's life over a poor joke, Iain?

Alan said...


I agree there are homophobes everywhere, but it is nonetheless true that I have suffered more homophobia in traditional Labour areas than traditional Tory ones.

Oh, and I am not affiliated to any party, but thanks for making assumptions about me. It helps to reinforce my opinions.

golden_balls said...

@ alan

we all have our own experiences with individuals alan !

When you travel to areas that are "Labour heartlands" how do you know the people making these snide comments are Labour voters? thats an assumption your making i suspect.

only one party in recent times has discriminated against gay people.

Steve H said...

Very nasty but I've little sympathy with a jerk who described people he didn't like as "filthy people". And none of the rest of us would be so stupid as to use our work laptops to access porn. Of whatever variety.

Phil said...

Harry's Place leftwing? Shurely shum mishtake.

Bob Latchford said...

What I find 'truly disgusting' is Iain's hypocrisy, which sees him blindly defending people like the Tories best friend in Europe Michael Kaminsky who calls homosexuals 'fags' and has spent his political life voting against resolutions that fight homophobia, yet sticks the boot into Liberal Conspiracy over a single article, for which an apology has been offered.

This has nothing to do with homophobia, and everything to do with scoring a cheap shop on a political rival

Unknown said...

Simon should just sue them

Web Designer said...

God, I’d forgotten that Labour made Sugar a minister. That really was the apotheosis of pointless populist gesture politics. Thank Christ they’ve gone.

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Unknown said...

Liberal Conspiracy has now apologised: