Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just Drive

It's not often I hear a song and it sends a shiver down my spine (in a good way), but it just happened. I was waiting for the Politics Show to start and the end titles for the Grand Prix came on. I just had to know who it was singing. It sounded like Embrace, Coldplay or possibly even Take That. So I asked my Twitter followers, and a few seconds later came back the answer. It is a song called JUST DRIVE by Alistair Griffin. Indeed, a few seconds after that, Alistair Griffin tweeted me himself.

See what you think. And if you liked it. click HERE to hear three more tracks by him. Can't wait for his album.


Unknown said...

You have great taste - and the album will be fantastic!

Alcuin said...

Poor man's Moody Blues.


Dave Cross said...

For future reference, you might consider installing Shazam on your phone - When you hear an unknown song, just start the application and point it at the speakers. Within a minute you'll know who it is.

I think they've just moved to paid usage model, which is slightly unfortunate. Still worth the money though if you often need to work out what a mystery track is.