Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Jeremy Browne isn't a Tory, he is a radical.
2. Alastair Campbell pays tribute to Michael Foot.
3. Jonathan Sheppard is backing Phil Woolas.
4. Labour Uncut reckons the left should be rejoicing at Farage's victory.
5. Daniel Korski on why it is time for Sir Humphrey to retire.
6. Better Nation doesn't think killing is always wrong.
7. Steve Baker has made his choice and is sticking to it.
8. Heresy Corner analyses the effectiveness of waterboarding.
9. Autonomous Mind thinks Gordon Brown sums up the selfish political class.
10. A Very Public Sociologist defends transgender rights.
11. Tory Outcast has some interesting arguments for votes for prisoners.
12. And finally, Tom Harris highlights the beauty of IPSA.


Anonymous said...

No surprises from Browne then!

Anonymous said...

From The Times story it seems that out of over 1,000 prisoners just 3 were waterboarded.

Thats tough on the 3 amigos but hardly something to get hysterical about. Still I guess The Guardian is short of an orgasm or two these days.

Nigel said...

>>From The Times story it seems<<

You're rather missing the point that the Times is acting as a publisher of Bush's tendentious self-exculpatory memoirs, rather than a publisher of actual journalism.

It seems to me that you either defend torture, or you condemn it. The 'there was only a bit of it and it wasn't really torture' position is essentially dishonest.

Or would you rather just not know what went on ?

Autonomous Mind said...

Very grateful for the link. Thank you!