Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

On my LBC show tonight from 7...

7.10pm The student protests: As they descend into violence again, did the police get their tactics wrong again?

8pm Is early retirement a thing of the past?

9pm LBC Parliament with Stephen Hammond MP, Barry Gardiner MP and Paul Burstow MP.

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thespecialone said...

Did police get their tactics wrong again? So having tried softly softly, hardly hardly and everything in between, what exactly does the experienced public order expert called Iain Dale want?

How about asking 'Why did thugs cause a police officer to break his/her arm whilst enforcing public order?' You know, just doing his/her job as asked to do by the state.

javelin said...

As Philip Hammond is about to talk about trains I think I'd like to know what he means by more carriages - especially on commuter routes into London?

An interesting point about commuter trains comming into London is my brother worked at Logica about 20 years ago and they had a computer program that tries to fit in more trains on the commuter routes. How the software worked was it seperated the track into lengths between each stop and junction and tried to squeeze as many trains on as possible.

However what they found was that the trains were already optimized - because some propeller-head after the war figured it out the best configuration. As I understand it they can make trains longer, taller or replace carriages - but they can't run more trains.

Is this true, so what are we paying for?