Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Tory Radio has a right old go at East Coast Trains.

2. Tim Worstall is a right posh git.
3. Questing Vole on why Phil Woolas is longer entitled to be called Mr.
4. Independence Home on the Cabbie who's not allowed to be proud to be British.
5. Biased BBC on Israeli journo wars.
6. Charles Crawford on why Peggy Noonan is repenting.
7. is back.
8. Jerry Hayes on how Edwina Currie had Phil Woolas by the balls. Literally.
9. Michael Heaver on what Nigel Farage must do now.
10. Rachel Marsden on why businesspeople make such bad politicians.
11. Nick Thornsby was at the Woolas verdict.
12. David Blackburn in Ed Balls talks sense shocker.


Anonymous said...

My quote of the day -

Michael Crick, the political editor on Newsnight, which was scrapped on Friday, said: “I haven’t listened to the Today programme. I regard listening to or watching the BBC as strike breaking.”

Courtesy of The Telegraph

Unknown said...

the cabbie story has nothing to do with being British - he had to remove the sign because Council regulations don't allow any signage in the cab.

Nuttall knows this, he even says it in his final paragraph, but that doesn't stop him making the sort of crazy accusations normally associated with the far-right. Why give him more publicity?

(And as an aside, the reason cabbies can't put up any signs in their cabs is because the Council will have exclusive advertising deals. Allowing cabbies to put their own signs up undermines this deal.)