Friday, November 05, 2010

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

On my LBC show tonight from 7...

7.10pm Phil Woolas: Shouldn't we leave politics to the electorate rather than courts? Has politics sunk to a new low? Guests: Sir Alistair Graham & Andrew Pierce.

8pm David Davis writes in the Mail today we need new anti-strike legislation. Is he right? Guests: David Davis & Bob Crow.

9pm A woman in America wanted her husband to be arrested for excessive snoring. Can snoring be cured?

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Unknown said...


A few comments about the show.....

This week.... I like the sound of the book club.....will see how it shapes up.

Fav section of the show is , unbelievably, Wednesday night, LBC Parliament. On paper, this sounds unappealing, but somehow, I find it interesting and worth listening to.
Because you set a light, measured and reasonable tone, all your guests seem to go along with it.
Wednesday....Jim Fitzpatrick....what a star !...just another indication of why it is best for MPs to have done a ‘proper job’ before they enter parliament. His words carry weight because we know he knows what he is talking about.

Now......a grumble......can I ask ...... is there any reason why Darren, gadget guru ( lovely voice), is tucked away at 9pm-10pm Friday night ?

Gadgets/computers/phones are no longer a minority sport. Nearly all of us use them and need help with them.
Friday night at 9pm. Most of us are frazzled after a week of work/kids. Not exactly the best mode for receiving information.

The gadget hour is one of the few times we get answers to questions. It is also fun to listen to. The banter between Darren, callers and yourself is always lively.

What are the chances that Darren can have one of the 8-9pm slots and even be on twice during the week? Big ask I know !

Thanks for a great show.

Iain Dale said...


Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoy the Parliament. So do I!

Sadly the Gadget Hour will no longer be part of my programme. However, you can catch Darren with Steve Allen every Sunday morning from 9am.

All the best,