Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Paul Goodman analyses Cameron's first six months in office.
2. Sophia Parker thinks IDS should be cautious with his welfare reform.
3. Benedict Brogan wonders whether the student protest will harm or help the coalition.
4. David Skelton believes that we need a bit of Macmillan spirit.

5. Dan Hannan declares that finally EU auditors have approved the budget.
6. Ben Lodge reports that bloggers are banned from taking notes in Parliament.
7. Tom Dodds is disappointed at how underprepared the police were today.
8. Walaa Idris write an open letter to John Bercow.
9. Shiraz Maher on Muslim intergration.
10. Next Left think Cameron got it right in China.
11. Tom Watson is less than impressed with Cameron's image.
12. CityUnslicker isn't to sure about the Postal Service reform.


Anonymous said...

Mr Dodds is only 'disappointed'?

The Commissioner is only 'embarrassed'?

Anyone who ever doubted that young people were anything other than thick will have had their naivety cruelly exposed.

All I ever saw today was the TV channels doing nothing but give dumb asses a load of photo opportunities and encouragement.

Helen said...

Dan Hannan is wrong. They did not.

Not a sheep said...

'Muslim intergration'? Surely integration.