Friday, November 19, 2010

Your Top 50 Political Journalists & Commentators

A few weeks ago, I asked you to rate a list of 300 political journalists and commentators. Here are the results for readers of this blog.

1. Quentin Letts
2. Andrew Neil
3. Matthew Parris
4. Fraser Nelson
5. Paul Waugh
6. Jeff Randall
7. Ben Brogan
8. Andrew Gilligan
9. Laura Kuenssberg
10. Daniel Hannan
11. James Forsyth
12. Andrew Rawnsley
13. Adam Boulton
14. Matthew D'Ancona
15. Tom Bradby
16. Daniel Finkelstein
17. Trevor Kavanagh
18. John Pienaar
19. Ann Treneman
20. Boris Johnson
21. Iain Martin
22. Andrew Gimson
23. Eddie Mair
24. Joey Jones
25. Jeremy Paxman
26. Nick Ferrari
27. Simon Hoggart
28. Michael Portillo
29. Andrew Pierce
30. Peter Allen
31. Christopher Booker
32. Charles Moore
33. Peter Oborne
34. John Humphrys
35. Evan Davis
36. James Landale
37. Jon Craig
38. Edward Stourton
39. Patrick Hennessy
40. Cathy Newman
41. Gary Gibbon
42. Robin Lustig
43. Richard Littlejohn
44. Nick Robinson
45. Steve Richards
46. Carolyn Quinn-Morris
47. Dominic Lawson
48. Martha Kearney
49. Anne McElvoy
50. Michael Crick


OldSlaughter said...

If your readers had more exposure to him I can't help but feel Mark Steyn would be right up there.


Johnny Norfolk said...

Crick did better than I expected

talwin said...

Nick Robinson at No. 44? Much more believable than his recent top-of-the-blogger-pops appearance.

Nick Drew said...

ho hum, vox populi ...

Michael Crick must be well pissed off: he's spent a lifetime breaking actual stories, only to be beaten by a string of stuffed shirts who wouldn't know what research was if it bit them in the bum, & whose only merit is they don't have such an irritating manner

Cath said...


Now I have proof that I live in a parallel universe.

Anonymous said...

Crick as high as 50?

DespairingLiberal said...

This just reflects political bias - Crick is way better than many on that list.

Laura Kuenssberg started very well but her freshness and pushiness is gradually giving way to the creeping triteness and cliche that characterises most of the heavily edited and restrained BBC commentariat. A classic example the other day was on the settling with the Guantanamo people - her piece to camera was riddled with "it may be said" and "some would say". Crick has more often shot from the hip although he too has come under the cosh of late.

No wonder so many older BBC jocks like to end up narrating royal weddings and the like - where better to trot out all those tired euphemisms and hack phrases?! Sky of course are no better, simply more amateurish, which (at first) has a certain naive charm.

If I hear one more BBC newsreader say "the BBC has learned that.." I will start confining myself to Russia Today, an excellent news channel. For really open and honest discussion.

Tapestry said...

Crick lost his credibility when he went for Betsy Duncan Smith. Once a commentator has shown their bias to that extent, you never trust them again.

Weygand said...

Can we know their favourite colours and star signs?

And do they open their eggs from the round or pointed end?

Unknown said...

Quite a random list, mainly of talentless hacks!