Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Let Us Face The Future writes a brilliant piece on yesterday's student demo.
2. Guido thinks that the "demolition" of London is what the NUS wanted.
3. Tory Bear wants the NUS President Aaron Porter to resign.
4. Chris White thinks these cuts are going to hurt more than we think.
5. Mark Wallace has some rather interesting information on Yes to AV funding.
6. Harry Aldridge doesn't want influence, he wants democracy.
7. Peter Black believes the Lib Dems are moderators, not influencers.
8. Cranmer on why Enoch Powell was right.
9. Tom Harris disagrees with Mehdi Hasan on immigration.
10. Stumbling and Mumbling looks at over confidence and gender inequality.
11. Paul Waugh reports that the Shadow Chancellor is in retreat.
12. Iain Martin reckons Sarkozy should have lent us the CSR.


Simon Harley said...

You're a bit young to be saying, "Enoch was right", aren't you, Grant? I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

The NUS clearly come from the Phil Woolas school of political campaigning.

Paul Halsall said...


Your Daley Dozen, although still useful, has become considerably more right wing since the election.