Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mandelson: I Won't Be Packed Off to an Old Folks Home

The Mail on Sunday have an article tomorrow using extracts of my Peter Mandelson interview which is in the new issue of Total Politics, out on Monday.
You can read the Mail article HERE.
Also today in the Daily Mail today, they printed the first extract of Anthony Seldon and Guy Lodge's new book BROWN AT TEN.
And tomorrow there will be the second part of the David Laws 22 DAYS IN MAY serialisation in the Mail on Sunday, and the Independent on Sunday will be carrying my reconstruction of the final Thatcher cabinet meeting.
Not a bad weekend's work all round!


Anoneumouse said...

"Mandelson" The Queen Mother of the Labour party.

Tim said...

I wouldn't inflict such misery on the old folk's home.

Anonymous said...

Crikey - just when you thought it safe to take the dog for a walk - Mandelson turns up again.

I got round the pay wall by buying the print version of the Times the other day (!) and its report on Browns behaviour was just amazing.
But I love this ... 'Brown ducked into a broom cupboard to avoid a meeting with John Prescott'

More tellingly, 'Brown never completed a red box during his premiership ... decisions piled up ... he would be found checking railway timetables ...'

Twig said...

God save us from career politicians.

Brian said...

I'm sure a place could be found for him in the Coalition now the Conservatives have been chucked out.

Guthrum said...

We will never allow him to bed block