Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Spidey reviews last night's "In Conversation with David Laws and Rob Wilson".
2. Lobbydog goes for a sauna with Chris Bryant.
3. Ellee Seymour reports on a rather interesting coalition.
4. Jonathan Isaby thinks David Laws' view on AV is eye opening.
5. Paul Waugh has some jokes from Cameron's Lobby lunch today.
6. Political Scrapbook want Ed Vaizey to keep his hands to himself.
7. Max Atkinson isn't holding his breath for House of Lords reform.
8. Not a Sheep believes the EU Parliament need to tread carefully.
9. Phil Taylor can't believe the BBC gave Claire Soloman a platform.
10. David Osler reckons this could be the opportunity Sinn Fein need.
11. Arthur Baker wants Labour to have a double decapitation strategy.
12. Walaa Idris has two must read books for you.

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