Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Total Politics reveal their top 100-51 journalists.
2. It is not often I agree with Paul Krugman.
3. Harry's Place reports that the UN won't helping gays.
4. Ken Clarke was wrong. Norman Tebbit was right.
5. Liberal Conspiracy shows the government how to build 1 million homes.
6. Sir Christopher Meyer reviews George Bush's memoirs.
7. Tim Montgomerie wonders what happened to the fire in Hague's belly.
8. Ed Staite thinks he knows who the next Labour Director of Communications will be.
9. The Daily Maybe believes Brian Coleman is the worst chair of the fire authoirty ever.
10. The ASI have managed to get Michael Caine to explain the Laffer Curve.
11. Sean Haffey tells us how to destroy hundreds of fields.
12. Alex Singleton thinks Bill Cash has become a Europhile.

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