Thursday, November 18, 2010

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

On my LBC show tonight from 7...

7.10pm White Britons will be in a minoity by 2066 says an Oxford Professor. Why should we care? Guests: Prof David Coleman and Gavin Barwell MP.

8pm Half of young offenders say custody doesn't work. Well, they would, wouldn't they?

9pm LBC Legal Hour. Phone in your questions to Daniel Barnett.

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Fredrik Eich said...

It's no good imprisoning young people and tell them that they have been naughty by taking or supplying drugs because they have not been naughty or doing anything wrong.

What people do to their own bodies is their own business and not the business of the state, no ifs , no buts.

It's hardly suprising then that they will network in custody and can carry on when released with a clear conscience, a sense of victimhood and better business contacts. Drug dealers have no recourse to the courts when in dispute. Drug dealers can not easily go to the bank for a loan when the cashflow stalls. They can not call the police. This can lead to some rather harsh penalties when there is no way to sort out these business difficulties legally. Which is why I find it rather ironic that there is so much handwringing in the UK about
sending drugs to the US to kill a drug dealer and murderer. Legalise and control drugs, then it will make it worth while having a job because there will be little churn in drug dealing jobs. When was the last time the CEO of a drug company brutally murdered people?