Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Helen Duffett interviews David Laws.
2. Ed Staite explains why Charles De Gaulle was wrong.
3. John McTernan thinks Ed Miliband needs an Alastair Campbell.
4. Roger Helmer on why the British loan to Ireland is wrong.
5. Daniel Korski welcomes the end of the Wall Street World.
6. Benedict Brogan reckons the No2AV campaign must be pleased.
7. Harry's Place has some rather shocking figures on hate crime.
8. Nick Robinson analyses the immigration cap.
9. Man in a Shed is worried about the trouble brewing in Korea.
10. Will Somerville recognises that immigration was a factor in the last election.
11. Andrew Neil takes a look at the situation in Ireland.
12. And finally, courtesy of Cardiff Blogger, today's Irish Daily Star...

1 comment:

Weygand said...

There is a negative missing from No3 - McT very much against a Campbell figure.

And so say all of us.