Monday, November 29, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Cranmer reports on the USA's advice to Belguim.
2. Ellee Seymour wants to know who the "sex pest" is.
3. Alex Singleton has a lot of respect for the Swiss.
4. Norman Tebbit thinks John Major is getting his own back.
5. Evan Price airs his thoughts on kettling.
6. Fraser Nelson wants us to learn from Sweden.
7. Brian Landers looks at where the crunch will hit.
8. Political Scrapbook tip Rory Stewart for the next series of Strictly.
9. Matt Wardman thinks Mehdi Hasan can be a tit sometimes.
10. Mark Pack reviews 22 Days in May by David Laws.
11. Walaa Idris wonders how the Lib Dems will vote.
12. Adam Boulton reckons George Osborne is turning into Lawson.

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johnpaul said...

I feel that Norman tebbits criticism of John Major saing the coalition may last longer than this palriamnet (something both myself and Iain have also noted). is due to Norman not understanding why DavidCaeron so wanted a coalition and not a minority gov't with another election a few months later which due to money he would have had a better chance of winning,It was simple David Cameron new the public didn't want a Tory party that only a few years earlier had the lowest vote for a major party since the 20's with its are you thinking what we're thinking, its not racist to say asylum seekres are bogus, or a party against the Human rights act, David new that the tory pary of old is as dead as old labour,they both had to re invent themselves,the tories just got back quicker but,had o comprosmise more than labour did to (nearly)win