Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I attended the opening of the Lord Ashcroft gallery at the Imperial War Museum. It was quite an event. Michael himself made a very moving speech, which I have decided to put on here because I think it explains brilliantly why he decided to emark on collecting VC medals. I have to admit that his description of his father's bravery on Sword beach on D-Day brought a tear to my eye, but then I have always been a sucker for wartime bravery. When I saw Michael later in the evening I think he was rather shocked when I told him: "You made me cry, you old bugger!"

Everyone in this life does something which they are proud to share with or bequeath to the nation. Most of us will never be able to compete with what Michael has done here, but the whole country, whatever their political views, ought to be very grateful. So do go along to the Imperial War Museum and marvel at the bravery on display among the VC and GC collection.

* You can see Lord Ashcroft's GEORGE CROSS HEROES series every Thursday at 10pm on Discovery History.


OldSlaughter said...

In the never ending spiral of disgusting actions of our last government, I'm not sure anything disgusted me as much as the cynical with which Labour jumped on the Ashcroft issue.

They had donors of similar circumstances, yet none of theirs had dedicated so much time and money to that which was admirable.

If only the leadership of our party was less like Blair and a little more willing to make the case for what is right.

Don't sack the photographer, make your case for having one. Don't dismiss this man of conscience, but make the case for his inclusion.

The public has been ripe for a straight bat, instead we have received media placation.

Lord Ashcroft will get a drink from me the next time I encounter him, as he did the last.

Jimmy said...

"Most of us will never be able to compete with what Michael has done"

So very very true.