Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Richard Lowe welcomes the return of ideology.
2. Dan Hannan is rather impressed with "Denis Thatcher on speed".
3. Liberal Conspiracy has Caroline Lucas' plans for Parliament.
4. Nadine Dorries' happiness index is rising.
5. David Blackburn outlines his contenders for the GOP nomination.
6. Nick Robinson reckons Gordon got it wrong.
7. Con Coughlin wants women to fight on the frontline.
8. Jason Walsh thinks bust is better.
9. Cicero's Songs doesn't think Estonia will be joining the Euro.
10. Paul Flynn is enjoying the "tyranny of transparency".
11. Dizzy has a question for lefties on the NHS.
12. John Redwood has a few good quotes from the Europhiles.

1 comment:

Cicero said...

Well thank's for the name check,but you have "Politicians Disease" when it comes to maths. If I say the chances of the Euro surviving until January 1st is 60/40 it means I think Estonia is more likely than not to join a Euro, but by March the chance of survival of the Euro is about 50/50, unless Germany steps up to the plate. If Germany does step up to the plat, the Euro is fixed, if it does not, then we are in 1931 and Creditanstalt has just failed...