Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm

On my LBC show tonight from 7...

7.10pm George W Bush: Is it time to re-evaluate his presidency?

8pm Why do straight people want civil partnerships and why do gay people want full marriages?

9pm The LBC medical hour. Phone in your medical questions to Dr Rob Hicks.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting question on Bush. I still think that, right or not, entering the Iraq War was clearly not in Britain's interests. America could have happily managed on its own and there was no need for Blair, in his vanity, to spill so much British blood in a foreign war.

It was clear that Bush, like every other American president, was a friend of Britain as long as Britain was useful to him. There is no real 'special relationship': America is a foreign nation, and like all self-respecting nations will put its own interests first.

Nigel said...

>>Is it time to re-evaluate his presidency?<<


Though if you insist, I'd be prepared to add 'self justificatory whiner' and 'self confessed criminal' to my assessment.