Monday, November 30, 2009

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Monday

1. Dizzy has a nightamre experience in the Blackwall Tunnel. And that's not a euphemism.
2. Tory Bear takes the new chair of Young Labour to task HERE, HERE and HERE.
3. And Rene Levanchy wonders who leaked the information to Tory Bear. Hmmm. If only he knew.
4. Iain Martin thinks Michael Gove is in the dog house. For now.
5. Jon Craig counted more soldiers than MPs in the Commons for Brown's Afghan statement.
6. Iain Martin (yes, him again) on the problem with Phillip Blond.


Jimmy said...

"Tory Bear takes the new chair of Young Labour to task"

The same person I recall who got an MPs staffer sacked for something he said at uni and someone else thrown out of the tories for a fancy dress costume. What is it about your party that attracts such spiteful little shits?

cassandra said...

The Tory 'flagship' policy on bribing couples to stay together to form a stable platform for their children ignores some very basic realities and is a classic example of how the nanny state gets it so wrong so often.
One root cause of social breakdown and one parent families is a direct result of allowing young girls a direct avenue to a parasitical life choice, a young 16yr old girl with no other prospects can get pregnant by any male and then apply for housing, she then has more children and receives more and more benefits, a lifestyle choice that provides income and housing will always be a huge incentive.
The children are nothing more than stepping stones/keys to a life on benefits, the mother often knows nothing and cares even less about child welfare/discipline or rule making, the love of the benefits outweighs the love of the children.
Having two parents who do not love each other and fight/argue yet only stay together for money reasons is perhaps worse than having one parent who loves the child.
Money does not equal love, you cannot bribe a parent to be loving, the state cannot use a financial incentive to somehow ignite the spark of love. Many of our feral youth come from good stable working parental units so its not the case that one parent families are soley to blame for the social disintegration we are seeing.
Tough policing, tough punishment, tough courts, massive investment in social activities groups like the scouts/cadets/outdoor pursuits/youth centres, the breaking up of gang culture by targeting those gangs with a real zero tolerance policing policy backed up by iron hard courts ready to impose eye watering sentences and punishments. A very large stick wrapped in barbed wire but attended by a very enticing carrot.
We have abandoned our young and they have formed a lord of the flies culture of their own, we as a society have to show them order discipline adventure and love and excitement and clear boundaries, we have to invest time and love and effort in our children. We are seeing the result of well meaning state incompetence and a few quid bribe aint gonna fix the problem, if anything it will make the disintegration worse.