Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Dungeekin' wants to give Gordon Brown a break.
2. The Orange Party on postal votes in Glasgow North East.
3. Lobbydog on an eternal trial.
4. Paul Waugh on how Jack Straw has waved the white flag on gay hatred.
5. Letters From a Tory writes to Harriet Harman on equality.
6. Guido thinks he killed the lobby star.
7. Jack of Kent on the reverse burden of proof in libel.
8. Fleet Street Blues on the 24 hour Westminster news cycle.
9. Liam Murray on Sting and Simon Cowell.
10. Lord Toby Harris on why LibDems want to murder their partners. Sort of.
11. Tom Harris reveals why he would have voted against the government if he could have been arsed.
12. Fraser Nelson explains some of the Spectator Parliamentary Awards, and why he gave one to Harriet Harman.


Libertarian said...

Fraser Nelson gave Harriet Harman one !!!

God that's disgusting

Ralph Hancock said...

And, in the most eagerly awaited news story of the week, Iain Dale reveals how much weight he has lost in his sponsored fast for Help for Heroes.

Donations have been stuck at 89% of the total for weeks. And utter silence about the tale of the scales: some, none, a gain? Was hoping for a word on Remembrance Day -- that's what this is about in the end.

The Nation Needs to Know. And you might reach the £5000, if not your ideal weight.

Jeff said...

Pah, there was me thinking a liveblog on the Glasgow North East by-election might make the grade...

Nice post by The Orange Party on the same subject though, cheers for that.


Paul Halsall said...

I'm not at all sure that Jack Straw has done anything wrong. I accept, but with some unwillingness, the concept of "hate crime", but I think free speech should be protected above all. [Indeed, I would incorporate all of American First Amendment jurisprudence into UK and European law if I could.]

At the moment gay people are pretty well accepted by the establishment, but that could change at a moment. History is very far from a predictable progress to ever greater liberation.

At some stage, gay people, like others, will value an established culture of free speech much more than any transient an largely unenforceable hate crime law.

Anonymous said...

Back to Nurses .... the Minister in question is an ex-nurse. She is just peddling her professional prejudice.

And she (and her husband) is as Guido would say a 'trougher'.

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...
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Dave H said...

"...wants to give Gordon Brown a break"

What, judicially? Between C1 and C2?

I'd vote for that.

Letters From A Tory said...

Thanks for the recent links, Iain - much obliged.

Kate j Norden said...

@Tachybaptus: good to see someone is not being distracted.

So 'Dungeeking' is worried that the simple folks will feel so sorry for GB they will vote for him in sympathy and miraculously forget about the litany of reasons for discontent. Somebody give him something better to worry about.

Jack of Kent said...

Thank you for the link

Kate j Norden said...

Gay Rights/Free Speech: Chris Smith knows Legal protection is already in place. The right to free speech is paramount, in my view, certainly more important than any one group's feeling they have a 'special' case.