Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Charles Crawford on the letter the PM got so wrong.
2. The soon to be married Shane Greer explains the mystery of his accent.
3. Paul Waugh on another close encounter between Sir Nicholas Winterton and Natascha Engel.
4. Peter Hitchens on two minutes without silence.
5. PoliticalBetting on the consequences of a Frank Field defection.
6. Guido reckons the curse of Brown has struck Coventry.
7. Gaby Hinsliff mulls over what to tell her children.
8. Ben Brogan on Angela Merkel's economic lesson for the left.
9. Tory Bear rejoices over the return of Recess Monkey.
10. Hopi Sen wonders if Lembit Opik and Douglas Carswell were separated at birth.
11. Want to have a curry with Eric Pickles?
12. Letters From a Tory writes to Tom Watson about violent video games.

I probably won't be able to stick to this every night, but in future I am going to try to publish the Daley Dozen at 9pm each evening.


Anonymous said...

I understand the White House have said that a decision on troop deployments to Afghanistan will n ot be made for weeks.

At PMQs Brown said the decision would be made soon (I think he implied imminently and that more troops would in fact be deployed).

So we have another example of Brown streching the truth to breaking point, of saying the first thing that comes into his head to get over the mpment.

Nope - this won't do. The man has major character flaws. 'The Letter' is just the latest example.

Johnny Norfolk said...

We have heard nothing about the election in Glasgow. why is this ?

Kate j Norden said...

Thanks for the Daley Dozen, its free, its entertaining.

The PM-Letter was a non-story, a private transaction made public, for what aim? More mindless distraction, unforgiveable, particularly as it wasn't even funny.