Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1.Iain Martin thinks Mandelson is on manoeuvres.
2. Aye We Can previews Labour's next Party Political Broadcast.
3. Paul Walter cautions anyone thinking of moving from Blogger to Wordpress.
4. UK Polling Report attempts to explain the Ipsos MORI poll.
5. Kerry McCarthy is ill (bless) and starstruck.
6. Joshua Chambers reckons we're at the end of polar ideology. Whatever that means.
7. on what Nick Clegg would do if he's well hung.
8. UKIP's Michael Heaver would like to be well hung.
9. Douglas Carswell on how to cut public spending.
10. Alastair Campbell on those Remembrance photos.
11. Cranmer on Rumpy Pumpy's plans for Euro taxes.
12. John Redwood on what eurosceptics should do now.


Michael Heaver said...

Oh Iain, you have no idea! ;)

Anonymous said...

Campbell is right about the photos, but wrong about the poll. The poll was taken at exactly the same time, over a week ago, as one which gave a lead of 13 points.

The BBC (and everyone else for that matter) are even now ignoring this fact and implying that it reflects some movement over the past week.

The final election result is of course not done and dusted and never has been. The expenses scandal and the recession and the war and the EU and the rise of 'others' bring out a whole range of imponderables. And Campbell is right about the hysterical anti political reactions. He has a self serving interest, but that does not mean to say he has not got a point.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, thanks! Something to do with bears I think.

Anonymous said...

terversden is quite mistaken, I've heard no-one suggest that the poll was not at the same time as the one which showed a mere 4% swing to labour from its predecessor.

The most dramatic one has a slightly different basis, which is worthy of study:

Looks to me as though there has been a shift in the public's estimation of what is decent to have as one's electoral history, unsurprising in view of the Sun's disgraceful behaviour.

Lots of former tory voters, and a few who really voted for other parties and were saying they had voted the way they intended to vote in 2010 have changed their memories as it were.