Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Paul Goodman has further evidence that Labour MPs have given up.
2. Luke Akehurst is a tad put out by ranting Bob Piper.
3. Prodicus struggles with Prospect Magazine.
4. David Smith gives you Adam Smith in ten minutes.
5. Working Class Tory fisks a Labour email about their PPB.
6. Cranmer on the virtues of Rumpoy Pumpoy.
7. FT Blog on 10 Things You Never Knew about Baroness Cathy Ashton.
8. Paul Waugh on Oliver Kamm and Nightjack.
9. Guido exposes the loser Labour candidates.
10. LibDem Voice predicts a hung parliament.
11. James Macintyre has (another) bad day...
12. The Blue Blog has details of the community right to buy.

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Apuleia said...

Thanks very much for the link, Iain.